The story of the film Pyare Papa is a story of every Indian household where children look up to their parents.  It is a bitter sweet short film which touches on the issue of father’s alcoholism and its negative effect on his only son. A sweet and sometimes heart wrenching story about an Indian middle class family. Presented by Colour Blind Entertainment and produced by Rakesh Baalu, the film has been directed by Santosh Ojha.

The bitter sweet short film features Anamica Kadamb, Riyansh Ayer, Ram Kishan and last but not the least Paritosh Tripathi, is now streaming on ‘Disney Plus Hotstar’ and drives home the poignant message that alcoholism can ruin a family. With this sweet film, the popular comedian cum host Paritosh Tripathi aka TV’s famous ‘Mamaji’, who is best known for projects like ‘Ludo’, ‘Case Toh Banta Hai’, ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’, ‘Super Dancer’, ‘Gangs of Filmistaan’ and others, is playing an alcoholic father and proves that like Pankaj Tripathi, he is also a commendable as well as well versatile actor who can tackle any role that he is assigned to play.

Says Paritosh , “It’s a very interesting character. In short films, the important factor is that the film’s subject is more important than the character. If the storyline is very good then your character also shines up. I’m playing a father to a 9-year-old who is an alcoholic which is a story of many households. If a person turns alcoholic, not only he deteriorates his health but also adversely affects his family. The challenging part is when you are playing an alcoholic person without literally being drunk. So the director and I discussed the character graph that we wanted without making it a stereotypical alcoholic as shown in films but focusing on his behavioural pattern. He’s very unpredictable in nature and has mood swings. Observation of such families and people in my surroundings helped me to portray the role.”

Elaborating on his character, Paritosh signs off, “It’s a story of many households and families in our society which you will get to know when you see the film. My working experience was really amazing as we completed it in a very short time. My co actors did really well. Also, our director writer Santosh Ojha ji was fabulous in his work. He also helped me as an actor. We really got good support and creative space from the production house.”

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