The brown arrow of love that will hit the bamboo

The brown arrow of love that will hit the bamboo

We cannot tell when, where and how love will happen. But when you fall in love, sometimes you need ‘bamboo’. There are many people around us who have had ‘bamboo’ at least once in their life. The movie ‘Bamboo’, which is a subject of youth’s heart and will take the elders back to old memories, will be released on January 26 in Maharashtra.

Recently the song ‘Premacha Baan Badami’ from the movie ‘Bambu’ was unveiled to the audience. The song has music composed by Sameer Saptiskar and has been penned by Abhishek Khankar and has the melodious voice of Avadhoot Gupte. When the arrow of love hits the heart directly, butterflies start flying in the mind. Be it sneaking a glance at that person slowly or smiling slowly at the thought of that pastime. Something similar we get to see in Abhinay and Vaishnavi in this song. Besides, we also get a glimpse of Tejaswini in this song, so for whom Abhinay is singing this song, one will know only after watching ‘Bambu’.

Singer Avadhoot Gupte says, “I get to sing very few romantic songs. I was very excited to sing this song. I have worked with Vishal before. The song ‘Premacha Baan Badami’ is catchy. There are some songs that I listen to on loop after recording. Yes, this is also a song in itself. The music and lyrics of the song are also amazing.”

About the song, director Vishal Devrukhkar says, “Every song in the film has its own uniqueness. So does this song. You will definitely remember your love after listening to this song. Avadhoot’s voice in it makes this song even more special.”

Along with Abhinay Berde, Partha Bhalerao and Vaishnavi Kalyankar, we will also be seen in lead roles with Shivaji Satam, Sameer Chowghule, Atul Kale and Snehal Shidam. Produced by Creative Vibe Productions, the film is produced by Tejaswini Pandit, Santosh Kher. The movie ‘Bambu’ is directed by Vishal Devrukhkar and written by Amber Hadap.


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