Sneh Binny: I can strike up conversations with everyone

Sneh Binny: I can strike up conversations with everyone

Entrepreneur Sneh Binny says that, for him, it is very easy to talk to anyone. He adds that he loves talking and can have detailed conversations with people who he has met for the first time as well.

“I’m an extrovert. I am not an introvert at all. I can have conversations around with anybody…it can be at the airport or at a building. I can sit with the watchman and speak with him for three hours. I mean, I can strike up conversations with everyone. It’s super easy for me to do so. And I only open up as much as is needed,” he says.

Ask him what happiness means to him, and he says, “Happiness is something that comes from within. And it can come from anything. It can be the smallest thing that could bring happiness to you. Or it could be a big thing, but it should be from within. It shouldn’t be from something external. If it’s internal, you will be actually happy for a longer period. I think giving myself some more extra time makes me happy. I prefer to be alone. And that is what makes me happy. That’s when I can think better, I can analyse things better, it gives me time to myself, to get myself better. And that is something that makes me happy.”

Of course, mood swings are common, says Sneh, adding, “Every day you wake up with a mindset and that mindset can vary every day. And some days you are super energetic you will and some days you are in a low mode. If you can control your emotions, which create these mood swings, then I think you’re good to go.”

Ask him what makes him happy instantly, and he says, “Watching something on TV, that is one of the things that makes me happy immediately and food. Food is something that makes me happy immediately.”


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