Shochiku opens Last Film Show with a bang in Cinemas across Japan 

Shochiku opens Last Film Show with a bang in Cinemas across Japan 

Japan’s legendary studio, Shochiku kick starts the theatrical release of Pan Nalin’s LAST FILM SHOW (Chhello Show) across Japan. Just in Tokyo alone the film opens in 24 Cinemas today, director Pan Nalin and producer Dheer Momaya will meet and greet audiences in Tokyo throughout this weekend; starting with an exclusive show in presence of celebrated star Ken Koga at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, which is Shochiku’s flagship cinema.  

Reiko Hakui, Head of Acquisition at Shochiku said, “We fell in love with this beautiful and inspiring story instantly. This film is not only a love letter to cinema, but also full of love towards family, friends and the pure innocence of following your dream without doubt. We are honored to introduce this wonderful gem from India to the Japanese audience.” 

Writer–Director Pan Nalin added, “Shochiku started making movies more than a hundred years ago, It’s not only a studio but a monument to Japanese Cinema, and major a milestone in the history of Cinema. As a young film buff I must have watched Shochiku Studio’s motion logo hundreds of times before the start of movies from masters like Kurosawa, Ozu, Yamada, Nakata; so today, being here in Japan, it feels like a dream come true that Shochiku logo is spearheading LAST FILM SHOW as it opens today in cinemas. Shochiku team has been doing some most innovative marketing using themes like films, food and fashion from Last Film Show. The press and media here have embraced the film by garnering with top star reviews. And during this first weekend I am super excited to meet the Japanese audience because the initial response from the preview shows has been overwhelming.” 


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