Fashion designer Anjali Phougat designs shined on Miss Universe stage

Fashion designer Anjali Phougat designs shined on Miss Universe stage

R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned the Miss Universe 2022 winner on the morning of January 15 in a ceremony conducted in New Orleans. Gabriel is a fashion designer and runs her own company, along with being a model and a sewing instructor. Leading Indian Fashion designer Anjali Phougat attended the Miss universe event in New orleans.

Anjali Phougat is a known name in the fashion industry and dressed Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz kaur sandhu in her reigning year during several occasions. being a fashion designer herself, Anjali is really proud to see her sister winning the Miss Universe crown as she resonates with R,bonney causes and anjali has worked on cutting down on fashion pollution and created recycled fabric dresses for new york fashion week events.
Anjali attended the exclusive Miss Universe success party and met all the Miss universe delegates and a lot of great fashion projects are in the pipeline for her.  

 Anjali designed jewelry for miss universe chille sofia depassier and so proud and congratulated sofia for winning congeniality award and say she is most kind and very well deserving candidate for this award.

Anjali supported the USA because she supports the same causes as R,bonney and during her meeting with Miss Universe R,bonney’s father and brother learned about her inspiration journey and her faith in god.

Anne Jakkapong Jakrajutatip, the CEO of the Thailand-based media company JKN Global Group, is a reality TV star in her home country, where she has appeared on local versions of “Project Runway” and “Shark Tank.” She also helped establish Life Inspired for Transsexual Foundation, a nonprofit transgender rights group.

Anjali film for LGBTQ community and inclusion won best short film award in 2021 and she truly feels inspired by Ann words and says this is the time for women and will look forward to continuing designing for Miss Universe and great causes. Anjali will continue to work for domestic violence and human trafficking awareness causes and will look upto R,bonney to inspire and support recycle fabric projects and spread awareness about fashion pollution.  

— As a very passionate fashion designer — I work for fashion causes such as spreading awareness about fashion pollution and working for designing outfits for human trafficking fundraiser fashion shows.


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