Dig into the best moments of the delightful comic drama from Comedy Central’s new offering, AP Bio

Dig into the best moments of the delightful comic drama from Comedy Central’s new offering, AP Bio

AP Bio – an exceptionally hilarious show that comes with a promise of making you feel happy and joyful has come to the ultimate entertainment destination, Comedy Central. Produced by Seth Meyers and Micheal Shoemaker, the show comes from the vision of the supremely talented storyteller, Mike O’Brien. AP Bio dives into the story of Jack Griffin, a fired Harvard professor who wants to get back at his rival – the reason for his lost glory and dream job. Throughout the show, the tough-yet-hilarious situations in his career are showcased thoughtfully with hints of brilliant comic elements. The audience of Comedy Central can witness the mind-blowing show’s final season, season 4 of AP Bio with its Indian Television Premiere on Comedy Central from January 2nd, 2023, Monday to Friday at 10 PM.

Read on to find out the best moments of AP Bio that will force you to tune-in!

Intelligence & Ego
Jack Griffin is one of the most intelligent personalities but what negates his brilliance is the ego he carries. This can be gauged from the way he is hell-bent on not teaching the students of the school and a number of more moments. Watch the show to witness hilarious moments laced with the waging war between ego and intellectualism with the show’s star – Jack!

Jack’s deal with the students!
When Jack first joined the school following his Harvard termination, he made it clear to his students that he would not teach them anything. Later, he comes to them with a deal where he asks them to help him avenge his rival in exchange for good grades in the exams. Watch the entire season to know how the students take to Jack’s unusual deal.

A revelation to Sarika!
Among all the students, it is Sarika Sarkar who secretly agrees to Jack for helping him in his special project. Jack assumes that she is supporting him without an ulterior motive but there’s more to it. After establishing mutual trust for the first time, he reveals something to Sarika. Watch AP Bio to know about more twists like this.

Jack’s bond with the students!
With every episode, the viewers will see a growing bond between Jack and his students. An apathetic and careless Jack ends up dedicating his time and effort to guide his students with great patience along the way. The story that started with a selfish motive turns out to be heart-warming and endearingly hilarious. In the later episodes, the audience can witness a special bond with many sweet and cherishable moments sprinkled all over. 

Tune into Comedy Central from January 2nd Monday to Friday at 10 pm to watch the hilarious story of Jack in AP Bio!


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