Subuhii Joshii on Bigg Buzz extension: We’re very happy with the opportunity, fans of the show are thrilled too

Subuhii Joshii on Bigg Buzz extension: We’re very happy with the opportunity, fans of the show are thrilled too

The much-talked about Bigg Boss season 16, hosted by Salman Khan, has been extended, so is Subuhii Joshii’s show on Voot, Bigg Buzz. Excited with the development, the actor shares that the team is happy to be able to entertain the viewers all the more. 

“We all are very happy with the opportunity. Fans of the show are thrilled too,” she smiles.

Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek are also a part of the show. And, Subuhii only has good things to say about the performers, who are a real life couple.

“It has been an amazing experience working with them. With people like them around I can be myself, I don’t have to think twice before speaking. They don’t feel bad if I say anything, they don’t boss around and no doubt about that nobody is funny as Krushna. Sad that Kashmera won’t be able to continue because she has some prior commitment,” she says.

 The actor shares a funny incident from the set. “In the last episode, it is shown that Kashmera is going. So along with being in front of the camera, even behind the scene Krushna was making fun and dancing around as if he is rejoicing the fact Kashmera is going. She also doesn’t mind at all and knows that he is joking. So we all were only laughing in front and behind the camera as well,” she adds. 

Comedy comes naturally to Subuhii. Ask when did she realise her flair for comedy and she says, “Honestly, I did think I would be doing comedy sometime in my career. After comedy classes, I realised that it’s something I can naturally pull off, but honestly, as a female comic artist, I feel males are given more importance and opportunities to perform in this field. If there’s a pretty girl they try to make her look dumb, I personally believe as an actor, females should be given more scope to perform. In future I would like to do a show where my comic and acting skills are tested more and more, where I can explore variety and different characters to perform.”

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