Shiv Thakare gets the tag of a ‘deserving candidate’ for ticket to finale by majority of housemates, Tinaa Datta says “Kisi ko neeche gira kar upar uthne ki koshish nahi karta”

The Alpha Male of BB aka. Shiv Thakare, is soaring high and is creating waves everywhere with his strong presence and charismatic personality. The former Bigg Boss winner who had raised eyebrows with his entry in the show as for the very first time, a former Bigg Boss winner had participated in the show from the very beginning of the season. Shiv has truly proved and fulfilled the expectations of his fans with his witty game play. 

In yesterday’s episode, Bigg Boss announced that after Nimrit became the first candidate of Ticket To Finale, the other contestants had to justify as to why do they feel that they are more deserving than Nimrit and also give one more name of another fellow contestant. 

During the task, Priyanka took Shiv’s name and stated the reason “Honestly, for me it would be Shiv as even though he is a part of the mandali but he has been everyone’s voice and he has the potential to fight alone and to voice his opinions on his own” Whereas Tinaa said “The one who’s truly deserving for Ticket to Finale is Shiv, he has his own point of view and opinions and above all he does not put anybody down in order to show himself on the higher pedestal”. 

Moving on, Shiv got the same tag from MC Stan, Sumbul and Nimrit who are also a part of his mandali in the house. Shiv was therefore declared as the winner of Ticket To Finale!


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