First single album SECOND WIND
to be released on February 6

See concept trailer HERE

Five years since their first digital single “Just do it,”, BSS (SEVENTEEN) will make their long-awaited return with the unit’s first single album SECOND WIND on February 6.

BSS is a special unit under the 13-piece K-pop powerhouse act SEVENTEEN, consisting of three of the band’s members, SEUNGKWAN, DK and HOSHI. The unit’s name is the acronym for ‘BooSeokSoon,’ each of the three letters taken from the Korean name of the three members that form the unit.

The unit’s first digital single “Just do it” was released in March 2018, soon becoming a fan favorite with its high-spirited performances packed with the three members’ signature exuberant energy.

The first teaser image was unveiled on SEVENTEEN’s official social media platforms last week, with the opening line from the unit’s first single “Ladies and gentlemen, they call us BSS,” overlaid on an image of a running track. Alongside the concept trailer released today, a series of teasers are expected to follow in the weeks leading up to the release.


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