If I have to write something for Ssudeep I would like to see him in a grey character with stubble & slight negative shades : Anantica Sahir

If I have to write something for Ssudeep I would like to see him in a grey character with stubble & slight negative shades : Anantica Sahir

Anantica Sahir, who has written shows such as Navya, Malika Ka Swayamwar- Bachelorette, Humse Hai Life, Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, Itti Si khushi, Hello Pratibha, Vishkanya and Nima Denzongpa, wants to write a character with some grey shades for husband actor Ssudeep Sahir.

Speaking about Ssudeep’s body of work and her favourite character of his, she says,”It’s hard to pick one. I know I sound biased but it’s the fact. Still if I have to pick one it would be Rajeev Bansal from Tera yaar hoon main… I have only seen Ssudeep do serious or romantic roles, so seeing him step into a comedy zone & yet bring out such deep emotions was fascinating. I remember watching some episodes where my parents had tears in their eyes because they got so emotionally moved.” She also adds,”Ssudeep has done such versatile stuff from playing a villager in Jabb Love Hua to a rich man torn in his marriage in Woh  Apna Sa, he essayed Lord Krishna with ease & grace in Paramavtar Shree Krishna & made us laugh & get emotional in Tera Yaar Hoon Main. We have known each other for almost two decades now. I have seen him grow up as a person & as an actor. He has been in the industry for over two decades & has never felt insecure or in a rush to take up work. He always goes with what his heart says & not because he just needs to take up work. I feel his journey has been one which has been on a steady incline which is what one hopes for, onwards & upwards always.

So do you feel as a writer, you have understood his journey well?
“Of course. It changes everything. I feel before I became a writer I wouldn’t understand a lot of things but now as a writer myself I do understand the emergency shoots, last minute changes, night shoots etc. I have special respect for him as an actor, he is so disciplined & never reached late on the set no matter how tired he was. Not only punctual but he is also always very well prepared. For him acting is more than a profession, it’s a passion which reflects in his work too.” She also shares how they both discuss their decisions regarding their work. She says, “We both consult each other before taking up any work. He also wants to hear my take on it but eventually we are very clear about one thing that we both will give each other our two cents but we both must make our own choices.” Surprisingly Anantica has never written anything for him. So if you have to write one role for him what would it be?
“Yes I hope to write for him. If I have to write something for him I would like to see him in a grey character with stubble & slight negative shades. He has always done such positive roles & I feel it would be fun to see him as an anti-hero. It will be a great surprise for his audience as well.”


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