Chitra Vakil Sharma: The industry is in its budding stage again as many platforms are coming up… OTT is a rage as it’s a convenient way of accessing content

Chitra Vakil Sharma: The industry is in its budding stage again as many platforms are coming up… OTT is a rage as it’s a convenient way of accessing content –  Jyothi Venkatesh

Entertainment industry must have evolved and many new things are happening. But, the discussion on the difference between actor and star has been on for years as many find it hard to differentiate unlike others, while there are still others who believe that they are one. Storyteller Chitra Vakil Sharma, also producer of web show Tandoor, shares her viewpoint.

 “An actor is the person people see when they watch a story, and a star is born when the story is being watched for the actor or star in it.  I also believe a star is made by the audience. A great actor is the one who gets the viewers hooked to the character played by them and takes them into reel life and makes them believe that it’s real and the audience makes that great actor a star with their immense love and support. The difference is not really the difference here, it’s the connection that an actor has with the audience, that’s what decides if he or she is just an actor or a star,” she says.

While the opportunities are plenty, so is the competition in the industry right now. This is probably the reason why the actor and star difference is not that prominent. Also, OTT has changed the game for many.

“The industry is in its budding stage again as there are various platforms that have started coming up. These days, OTT is a rage as it is a convenient way of accessing content for the viewers. With all these there is an obvious surge in the opportunities as now the content that can be released is not limited. And, with opportunities comes competition, there is never a stop on the talent we have in our country. I believe a healthy competition is necessary to keep the quality to get better. Competition helps us to put ourselves in situations where we never thought we could go through to improve ourselves. It shows us that our capacity to grow is endless,” she adds.

A variety of projects are being made in Bollywood, OTT and TV. There is a surge in music videos and short films. And these opportunities are opening doors for everyone including actors, however not every aspiration of an actor matches the reality. However, Chitra does not agree with actors not getting what they want at this point in time.

 “There is never an aspiration that cannot be fulfilled, maybe it’s just a wrong place, wrong time kinda situation. All you gotta do is keep going, everything can be a reality if you want it to be, and to make it right one should be focused, hard working, committed, diligent and aspiration,” she says.

The whole discussion around how knowing someone in showbiz helps one get through good projects is a never-ending debate. In spite of having personal managers and talent management companies, people are getting work more by references and personal equations. Knowing someone always helps.

 “It’s not like people only get work through a source, it can be at their disposal at any time.  I believe it’s because there is a certain level of comfort and understanding built between them as they know each other personally. Personal relationships are definitely a huge reason for any individual to be associated with the other , and it’s not just about the industry, it is the same in any workspace,” she adds.

Actors who have no alternate fall back option get frustrated waiting for the right opportunity in showbiz. On how one should handle the ups and downs of this profession, Chitra shares, “With absolute positivity what’s meant for you will most definitely find you, all you need to do is never give up. What we put out in the universe is what we get, so never let a negative thought or a low day ruin your vibe, always believe in yourself. Not all five fingers are the same, so not all days are going to be the same, and this goes for the low ones too, keeping at it is the key. Your ‘one day’ is not far along.”

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