Pranitaa Pandit: 2022 has been super special, I became a mom, got back in shape… in 2023, I want to achieve all my career goals

Pranitaa Pandit: 2022 has been super special, I became a mom, got back in shape… in 2023, I want to achieve all my career goals

2023 is almost here and the world has gone on a celebratory mode already. After two years of devastating pandemic, this time the merriment is going to be doubled. Kawach fame Pranitaa Pandit shares about her New Year celebration plans and more.

“2022 has been super special because it has been a milestone year for me and my life. This year went by very quickly and brought a lot of changes in my life. So yes it has been a powerful, life changing year for me I would say. It’s gone by in a great way,” she continues, “Initially I thought my career was going to be very difficult, everything is going to change so I was very anxious but while this year is ending I have some good plans and good projects. I’m creating something for myself as well. So I’m very happy and content with the way my career is going as of now.”

The biggest milestone in the actor’s life this year has been her daughter. “Seeing your daughter grow up is amazing and I have really been seeing it. There have been a lot of self achievements too. Apart from being a mom, getting back in shape and getting back to work are two things that I really wanted to do. A change of place has also happened, almost a new life for me I would say,” she adds.

She has her wishes for 2023 and hopes the year would be positive for her. “I want 2023 to be like all the plans that I made in 2022. I want to see them come true this year. All my career goals I really want to achieve in 2023. I’m sure I’m going to have a nice web project in my hand,” she says.

About the changes she would like to bring in her professional life in 2023, she shares, “I’m very happy with the way things are going professionally to be very honest, but I would like to do a good and a bigger project in 2023. I want to see myself back on screen even if it is a digital platform. I would like to get back to work in that manner of acting. That is something I am really looking forward to.”

So what’s the first word/thing that comes to your mind when you are asked to complete, ‘In 2023 I would like to do ……’? And, Pranitaa is quick to reply with a smile, “In 2023, I’m very clear I want to do a project on Netflix that’s my goal professionally and also have my own YouTube channel. It’s there but I quite want to have an active, more meaningful channel.”


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