We bet! even die-hard fans wouldn’t know these fun facts about Naruto

We bet! even die-hard fans wouldn’t know these fun facts about Naruto

Origin of Naruto’s name

Every Japanese ramen has a topping with a pink or red spiral design in the middle called narutomaki, and this design inspired the name Naruto. 

Naruto’s Favourite food 

Ichiraku Ramen is our Ninja’s favourite food. Ichiraku Ramen is a real restaurant located near Kyushu Sangyo University, where the creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto also pursued his education.

Naruto’s Blood type

In Japan, it is believed that blood types can indicate personality traits. Naruto’s blood type is B which includes traits like Passionate, Creative, Friendly, Sharp, through the show we see these characteristics come to life as he is on an undaunted quest to becoming a HOKAGE the strongest leader of his village.

Naruto’s Goggles 

Earlier iterations of Naruto’s appearance included goggles on top of his head in addition to his orange attire. But those goggles didn’t hold up for very long. After becoming a genin, Naruto traded in his goggles for a Konohagakure headband.


He is known as the copy Ninja, but he has one original move to himself which is called the ‘Chidori’ – which means the sound of a thousand birds.

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