Story pls-Details in English & Hindi- Dharam Censor Board Instituted to Safeguard Religious faith in Bollywood, OTT

Story pls-Details in English & Hindi- Dharam Censor Board Instituted to Safeguard Religious faith in Bollywood, OTT

Owing to a routine uproar in the industry due to offensive content hurting Hindu sentiments and found objectionable by citizens, even post Censor board approvals on release, Jagatguru Shankaracharya, the highest authority of Hindutva, has insitituted a Dharam  Censor Board that clears religious content of  films, OTT, asocial media and TV shows!

Tarun Rathi — Vice President — UP Film Development Corporation is the advisory on the Dharam Censor Board that will be an authority to approve any entertainment-based content prior to release.

 Jagatguru Shankaracharya expressed,  “a few select people  use the medium that entertains 800 crore audiences, to create unrest by touching upon  sensitive issues like culture, tradition and religion and the society at large, ignoring the impact of such acts. Hence, people today seeks a body that keeps check on such objectionable serials, films or OTT shows, be it in the form of scenes,  dialogues or scripts alike. This body, created in the basis of public request, will ensure that such insensitive attempts are nipped in the bud, not reaching crores of people whose sentiments will get affected.”

Added Tarun Rathi, ‘the board aims to not just safeguard  Hindu religious depiction but will also help filmmakers to ensure that there is an approval by the highest religious authority, resulting in peaceful release of films, serials, playd and OTT shows et al,   serving the purpose of entertainment without offending sentiments of Hindus.”

Tarun Rathi has earlier been on the Censor Board in 2005, and is currently the Vice President of UP — Film Development Council, besides bring the Minister of State — UP. Other than Rathi,  others include revered Shankaracharya, Mukteshwaranand Saraswati Maharaj 1008, media expert Suresh Manchanda, PN Mishra — Senior lawyer — Supreme Court, Swami Chakrapani  Maharaj — Spokesperson — Sanatan Dharma, Dr Neerja Madhavji — Literary and Culture Expert, Mansi Pandey — Actress,  Captain Arvind Singh Bhadauria — Expert on Social Issues, Preeti Shukla — Sanskrit Expert, Dr. Gargi Pandit– Sanatan Dharma Expert, Dr Dharamveer — Historian and Former Director — Archaeological.Survey of India  among others.


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