Rajniesh Duggall talks about the status of content on TV

Rajniesh Duggall talks about the status of content on TV

Sanjog actor Rajniesh Duggall says that TV still has a majority of shows where women hold stronger roles. However, he says that most storylines effectively balance both genres.

“I feel, 80% are female-oriented 20% is male but what happens is that even in those women-oriented shows, the man is as important because the minute you say that they are showing the women is not treated right or is been tortured, at the end of the day, the man is involved. Now, it could be a supportive role or a negative one. So, they become as important as women. It would either be the husband, boyfriend or brother or father-in-law. I think it’s as pivotal as the main center but yes, otherwise 20% are the stories that also eventually turn out to be women-centric. The consumers and consumption audience is women,” he says.

Ask him how TV content can be improved, and he says, “I personally feel that there’s been a lot of content which is being changed and better content is coming but sometimes, I’m slightly taken aback when a producer pitches a story to a channel and if the channel agrees to it, and still it keeps changing. But they know better because they have the audience’s pulse with them. They keep getting feedback and from that, they keep changing it for the better. It should always be taken in a positive way because at the end of the day, they’re also doing it to make their channel work and show work. I think the creative heads, the channel people know the best. The writers and the producers are the people who are working day in and day out to make better content. They’re doing a great job at it. Also, what I noticed is that the way of shooting is still the same, the old way of directing the show, which should definitely change. One master shot, close-up shot, over-the-shoulder shot. There are certain scenes where you don’t really need to shoot 6 times. If you watch half an hour of an episode that is on the web you will see the difference between the shot taking. That I feel somewhere it needs to change.”

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