SUSTAINABILI‘TEE’ – OG & Co launches India’s first ever Hemp, Bamboo & Beech Wood Athleisure line | Perfect Woman Magazine

SUSTAINABILI‘TEE’ – OG & Co launches India’s first ever Hemp, Bamboo & Beech Wood Athleisure line | Perfect Woman Magazine

National, November 2022: If you’ve graduated to checking all your food labels before purchase, you know that checking labels on clothes for information beyond size is not far behind. Are your clothes good for you? For the planet? OG & Co positively weave the answers to these questions by launching their athleisure line crafted from hemp, bamboo and beech wood, in India.

It took two years of research, design, sourcing and experimentation for young entrepreneur Urshila Rao Ganji to land on a fashion line that encapsulates her vision of bringing sustainable, luxe athleisure pieces that tell the conscious comfort story. Targeted at the young, eco-anxious consumer who appreciates high-performing, fashion-forward workout wear, OG & Co aims to bridge the gap between the variety and playfulness of fast fashion and the want to be environmentally conscious. 

In use since 770 AD, hemp is seeing a sort of renaissance when it comes to fabric and clothing. Using only 1/20th the amount of water to grow as regular cotton, hemp is also naturally pest resistant and needs less land to grow. It is antibacterial, durable and can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Made from the pulp of grass, bamboo blend has moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry and insulation properties that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Naturally antimicrobial, it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Coming to beech wood or modal fabric – this one is biodegradable, extremely soft and quick to dry. Self-regenerating, it does not use any pesticides or fertilizers and minimizes impact on the environment. 

The OG & Co collection features a range of unisex beech wood blend crop tops & shorts, bamboo blend tees & tanks and hemp blend joggers & hoodies. Designed to boost athletic performance while looking sharp, every piece is versatile. Slip into the bright white OG cropped cross-back top with a front mesh detail and go from a day workout to an evening of ‘working it’ with just a few styling adjustments. Or go from breaking a sweat to breaking into your signature moves in the tangerine tango relaxed hemp blend joggers that define comfort with tapered ankles and a drawstring detail. Get moving with a modal blend zipper crop top that can be styled in as many variations as the squat has or enjoy the delicious comfort of the OG breathable and naturally regulating bamboo blend tees that can be styled to suit both ‘gym’ and ‘gin’ time. 

Driven by her own need for playful, comfortable and yet sustainable workout wear, Urshila brought OG & Co to life so she could break the monotony in the segment with interesting new styles and a unique colour palette. “Every consumption act should be in favour of conserving our planet, and OG & Co is my way of giving consumers a chance to make that choice when it comes to their activewear. You know what they say – there’s nothing better than the OG,” says the 25-year-old Urshila who is only just getting started.


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