Saneer Malhotra on why his clothing is ECO-cert certified and what that means | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Saneer Malhotra on why his clothing is ECO-cert certified and what that means | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Wake Your Dreams is one of those rare homegrown athleisure brands that strive to offer luxury to its audience without polluting the environment. Birthed by 2 young and passionate entrepreneurs, Vainul and Saneer, the brand has already set high industry standards for its competitors. 

Their ECo-cert certified clothing collection is one-of-a-kind, exceeding not only the typical clothing quality standard of 380 gsm but also the overall manufacturing standards. “Our reason behind manufacturing ECO-cert certified clothing is our goal to present our audience with premium luxury apparel while promoting greener transactions. Our apparel, from hoodies to track pants and shorts, is crafted from 500 gsm organic. For us, it is all about the quality of the textile and how it feels on the skin. And so although our apparel is 500gsm and above, they feel feather-like on the skin,” shares Saneer. 

Adding to the brand’s ECO-cert certification is its GOTS-certified factory which makes it possible for them to craft such comfortable, timeless, and seasonless apparel. The certificate implies that everything concerning clothing happens under one roof – from growing the fabric to stitching and crafting. 

Rising above what has been done so far, the brand is now preparing to restock the demanded tracksuits and hoodie sets with enhanced fabric quality and feel. Not just this, Saneer and Vainul are all set to dive deeper into the world of arts, fashion, and luxury with their upcoming releases. With some novel apparel under its sleeves, the brand will definitely on a high note! 


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