Affordable pieces from Drawn that are essentials for winter layering PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Affordable pieces from Drawn that are essentials for winter layering PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Winters call for comfortable, cosy clothing that soothes your heart and skin. But comfort and cosy need not necessarily be dull because, with Drawn, there’s never a dull day. Add a pop of colour and a lot of life to your winter fashion with bold, unapologetic apparel that will turn heads at every corner. 

Carefully crafted with the finest textiles that serve as the perfect canvas for the brand’s artist collaboration, these silhouettes are a total stunner! So, don’t forget to check out these winter layering essentials from Drawn this Winter – 

First Bloom Wide Collar Oversized Shirt: Inspired by Anjali Rungta’s artwork, “‘Peonies in a vase,” this oversized shirt with drop shoulder relaxed fit sleeves with cuff and placket detail is crafted out of 100% cotton poplin. The collar is set wider than the regular, giving it an off-shoulder feel but also making it ideal as a jacket. 

Do Me A Solid – Blue Blazer Short: A classic take on a playsuit, the Short is an oversized shirt with secret shorts attached inside for carefree lounging. The apparel gives off the main character vibe, making it just the right clothing you will need this winter. 

Geomakin’ Me Crazy Oversized Blazer Shirt: Inspired by Mid-century modern art and interior design, the Geomakin’ Me Crazy Blazer Shirt is a definite stunner. Embodying a double-breasted blazer feel without the rigidity of one, it makes a perfect winter layer, protecting you from the cold. 


About Drawn: With a vision that combines art and garments to offer collectible and wearable art to every customer, Drawn thrives on achieving a personal connect with the art ‘drawn’ as prints on the garments. This ingenious brand recognises art that can be transported to clothing, developing an aesthetic that adds a little colour to everyday dressing. Drawn aims to present easy-to-wear, high-quality, stand-out pieces that don’t break the bank.

For more information on Drawn please visit:

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