More travel, and more web series: Mitaali Nag shared her 2023 plans

More travel, and more web series: Mitaali Nag shared her 2023 plans

Actress Mitaali Nag calls 2022 a very blessed and successful year for herself not just professionally but personally too. She is hoping that the New Year 2023 will open doors to more opportunities.

She said, “The year 2022 was sweet and satisfying both professionally and personally for me. I made my OTT debut with Disney Hotstar’s ‘Aashiqana’ season 2, which is the number one series across all Indian OTT platforms. And the character I played was something I never thought that I could pull off. My fans have showered so much love.”

“For 2023, I am looking forward to more travel on the personal front, and doing more web series professionally. I want to do more brand campaigns because it gives me a lot of independence while exposing me to the production part,” she added.

The year 2022 did not just see Mitaali making her OTT debut, but she achieved another goal as well. She said, “I have kickstarted my career as a content creator and I am using social media as a source of income.”

But overall she is quite happy with the way things are happening, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I had certain goals and I worked on them. I understand that things don’t always happen the way you plan or expect them to. So if it’s taking a bit longer I don’t stress. I keep giving my 100 percent because I know sooner or later the results will come,” Mitaali concluded.


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