SIDDHARTH JADHAV tells JYOTHI VENKATESH in this exclusiv interview with Mayapur and | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

SIDDHARTH JADHAV tells JYOTHI VENKATESH in this exclusiv interview with Mayapur and | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

“I am quite happy with the way my performance in Rohit Shetty’s latest release Cirkus has been appreciated and have absolutely no complaints about it’, exclaimed Siddharth who continues to act in Hindi films even though he is one of the top leading men of Marathi films, Recently he shined in a Marathi film of his called Bal Bharti as a fond father who is ready to go to any extent to see to it that his only son gets good education.

Says Siddharth about his role in Rohit Shetty’s film Cirkus, “People have liked my performance in Cirkus. “Like I could connect with my role in Bal Bharti, I think I could easily connect with my loud role in Cirkus and there is absolutely no doubt about it,” says Sid.

Siddharth continues. “Basically I am a director’s actor, I learn how the character I play talks from my director in every film be it Marathi or for that matter Hindi. In every Marathi film, I make an attempt to do a role which is different from what I play in other films. The writer-director of Bal Bharati, Nitin Nandan is the same and hence it was very easy for me to get into the skin of my character with effortless ease, especially because he did not need a subtle actor but an ordinary one.”

Siddharth concedes that he does not feel that he has been typecast as far as Hindi Cinema is concerned though we may accuse him of having been typecast as far as Hindi films are concerned. “I would say that I am not typecast. I am only framed. People like my brand of humour. Comedy is my forte and I would never leave it. I feel that there is a lot for me to explore as far as humour is concerned. Take Simbba for instance. I was presented very well by Rohit Sir in the encounter scene and hence appreciated by the audiences.” 

Siddharth adds that as an actor he can do any type of a role but then he should get the kind of roles that he wants to do. I am an actor who is ready to audition any number of times and take part in workshops too because an actor requires to do all these things as they are very necessary for an actor to grow or else I think it will become very monotonous”.

Siddharth is one actor who shuns alcohol and also does not smoke cigarettes at all, because he says that he does not need any vice to remain excited all the time. “I am quite happy spending my time with my wife as well as two lovely daughters at home after the pack up every day if I am shooting in Mumbai”.

Siddharth says that he is focussed as an actor, “I am happy working in films in Marathi and would not even think of leaving acting in Marathi films and concentrate on working in Hindi films. It does not mean that I do not want to work in films in Hindi. I consider myself an out and out workaholic and want to work in films in Marathi, Hindi as well as Guajarati and even Punjabi.”

Siddharth confesses that initially he was contented acting in small roles which gave him a lot of confidence and it was after working in Mahesh Manjrekar’s De Dakka that I started getting offers to work as a leading man with films like Jatra, Irada Pakka, Bakula Namdev Ghotale and that is how I started my journey as a hero in Marathi films.”

Right now, Siddharth says that he is working on a musical TV show in Hindi and is ready to be a part of an exciting web series though right now he does not have even a single web series whether in Marathi or for that matter Hindi. Siddharth asserts, “Today like films and TV, OTT is also yet another avenue of entertainment with which I would be keen on associating myself with.”

Sid says that he is indebted to all his directors for having groomed him as an actor. “If Mahesh Manjrekar brought out humour in me with emotion, directors like Gajendra Ahire, Nitin Nandan and Kedar Shinde extracted the best performances out of me”.

 Whether in Marathi or for that matter Hindi, Siddharth says that it is difficult for him to pinpoint who exactly are his favourite ones because at one stage in his life he had never even dreamt that he would get a director like Mahesh Manjrekar to hone his craft but he continues to act in almost all the films directed by Mahesh Manjrekar today.

Siddharth Jadhav signs off by stating that he does not at all nurture any desire to turn a director and wants to die as an actor with his boots on.

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