Salman Khan – Birthday | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Salman Khan – Birthday | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

From their favourite Salman Khan films to timeless performances in songs, these celebrities share what they love about Salman Khan on his birthday!

Karan Singh Chhabra: Yes totally! The songs are evergreen and his chemistry with Bhagyashree was so fresh and innocent. That was his first step towards mega-stardom. Every time ‘Oo oo Jaane Jaana’ song plays, you can only imagine a superfit shirtless Salman Khan dancing! He has been the reason for many to hit the gym and will always be the evergreen shirtless superstar of Bollywood. Dabangg remains my all-time favourite.

Ambuj Dixit: Salman Khan is the ultimate superstar. No one can match his sheer screen presence and aura when he comes on screen. Yes, he has inspired many including me to be dedicated to fitness. And not only fitness his sense of style, his rock star dressing, everything adds to it. I’m an alumnus of Whistling Woods and when I was there, I first saw Salman Khan at our film school gym working out during his shooting of Veer. I remember very well he was working out like a 20-year-old with long hair and then he removed his T-shirt with a super fit body, one can always aspire for. It was a day when our gym was filled with people who would never even come to the gym, that’s the aura Salman Khan has. That day I and my friend had already worked out in the morning but just to have that experience of working out with the great Salman Khan we did it again. I love watching Maine Pyaar Kiya, Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota hai, and Tere Naam.

Mitaali Nag: Salman Khan is my favourite superstar. I have grown up watching him. He was every girl’s dream after he played PREM in Maine Pyaar Kiya. With an innocent face and a fit body, he inspired so many boys out there to hit the gym and get the 6 packs. I still can’t forget the time when I shared screen space with him for a reality show where I sang with him. I was on Cloud Nine. He has done so many hit movies but my all-time favourite is Andaz Apna Apna. I can watch it over and over again. He was the cutest with his ‘Ooi Maa’ in the movie. I wish him a very happy birthday and a long long life.

Priya Paramitaa Paul: First of all, I want to wish Salman Khan a happy birthday, he will be always the most eligible bachelor of India. Very interestingly Salman Khan is my first crush his movie and the song O Oh Jaane Jaana from Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya is my favourite. I think that is the time when I was growing up and I realized that oh there something called as a crush that exists in this world! I was a kid and I just used to see that one move and that one song all the time. At that time, we didn’t have social media or YouTube where you can always search your favourite song and watch it. So, I used to wait for that song to come on TV, just to watch him. So that is my favourite song which I would like to watch again and again. Even today, I can watch it anytime whenever it is coming on TV, just to watch him. And also, this storyline is again, the typical cute beautiful love story. I think most women, most girls when we were growing up, used to dream of such kind of love story. So that’s my favourite movie which I can watch again and again. I think that was a start where Salman Khan raised the bar of every man’s definition of becoming handsome and hot. That’s when all men started going to the gym and they started getting that six packs, eight packs. I think in my life that was an era where something new had come up for guys and something new has come up in fitness and every guy wanted to have that body.

Ranndeep R Rai: I want to wish Salman Khan a very Happy Birthday. My favourite film of his is Maine Pyaar Kiya, when I have nothing to watch I watch, I still watch it today. The trend of gym and fitness was started by him, actors like Dharmendraji, and Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt were fitness conscious but the trendsetter was Salman Khan. Fitness should be a lifestyle for everyone, not just actors. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Tere Naam are also my favourites. Performance-wise Tere Naam was an excellent movie, nobody could have played that role better.

Pranitaa Pandit: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is a movie that I can watch again and again. He was an overnight success with that film. It was a game changer for him. He did different genres after that and also came up with a new, refreshing look. His acting skills transitioned from a romantic hero to comedy.

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