Reena Trivedi | Finalist | Perfect Miss Of India | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Reena Trivedi | Finalist | Perfect Miss Of India | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Tell Us Something About You?

My Self Reena Trivedi, And I’m From Rajasthan And Staying In Mumbai, I Have Done My Pg And Now I’m Doing A Business, My Strength Is I’m An Honest, Hardworking, Quick Learner, And My Dream Is To Achieve A Good Position Where I Can Build My Career And Help People In My Organization, I Am A Firm Believer Of Lord Krishna L Love To Learn From My Past Mistake And Experience, This All About Me Thank You!

What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

I Trust People Very Easily And Secondly My Nephew (Sister’s Son) Whom I Love More Than Myself.

What Motivates You To Join “Perfect Miss Of India”?

My Mom’s Dream.

What You Would Like To Do For Society If You Win The “Perfect Miss Of India” 2022 Crown?

Work Hard In Silence Mood, Meri Ye Soch Hai Ki Hum Jitna Bhi Jo Bhi Kamate Hai Usmai Se Kuch Part Humko Humari Network Bana Ne Mai Use Karna Chiye , Jis Din Hum Kaam Nahi Kar Payege Us Din Wo Network Humare Liye Kaam Karegi ,,, Yahi Sikhana Hai Logon Ko Taki Aage Aane Wali Generation Ko Kisi Ke Aage Jhukna Na Pade Unke, I Would Love To Support People To Achieve Their Dreams, Aakhon Mai Arman Liye Manzil Ko Apna Mana Liya To Mushkil Kya Or Aasan Kya Jab Thaaan Liya Toh Thaaan Liya.

Who Is Your Role Model?

My Mentor King Kapil Jhaverri Sir.

How Is Life Different Today Compared To When You Were A Child?

Childhood Was Full Of Masti, Dhamal, Tension Free Life, Zidd, Selfless Nature, And Now Din Raat Mehnat Karne Ke Baad Bhi Gala Ghot Kar Jeena Padta Hai Khane Ka Waqt Nahi Kaam Bahot Zyada Hai, Izzat Kam Or Paise Usse Bhi Kam Milte Hai Maa Baap Ka Sath Nahi Our Kisi Pe Bharosa Ho Jaye Esi Kisi Mai Baat Nahi, Life Is Running So Fast Every People Want To Be Success In Life But They Don’t Want To Do Hard Work Sometimes.

Did You Receive Any Special Awards For Studies Or Activities At School?

Yes I Achieve Award In School Drawing Activity N Also In Science Project.

How Do You Spent Your Me Time?

I Love My Self More Than Others, Whenever I Am Free I Love To Make Ready My Krishna In the Morning, Then I Do Meditation After That I Help To My Mom In The Kitchen After Finishing This I Would Go To My Shop To Help Daddy And Evening The Best Part Of My Life I Go To Isckon Temple With My Buddy, And Night Dinner With My Family Outside And A Long Drive.

Your Parent’s Role In Your Life

Meri Maa Mera Hosla Hai Or Mere Papa Mera Gurrur , 2 Line Mere Parents Ke Liye , ‘Bhagwan Har Jagah Ja Nahi Sakte Isilye Usne Maa Banaai , Maa Ke Liye Kya Likhoo Jisne Muje Likha Hai , Dava Asar Na Kare Toh Nazar Utarti Hai Wo Maa Hai Janab Kahan Haar Manti Hai, Meri Maa Mera Hosla Hai , Or Papa Ke Liye Sirf Itna Kahungj , Jab Tak Unka Haath Mere Sar Pe Hai Meri Shaan Zinda Hai Mera Rowan Zinda Hai Qayamat Bhi Aajaye To Mera Kya Bigadegi Abhi Mera Guru( Papa) Zinda Hai 🙏

How Do You Describe A “Perfect Woman” And Who Is Your Perfect Woman?

No One Is Perfect In This Life, Beauty Is Not Makeup But Ur Personality Is, Your Honesty, Loyalty, Your Pure Heart, Your Soul, The Way You Think About Others The Way You Talk With Children Or Elders, How Confident You Are About Yourself, How You Work On Your Weakness That Makes You Perfect, And For Me “My Mom Is Perfect”.



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