KGF Actor Yash reveals the mantra that changed his life | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

KGF Actor Yash reveals the mantra that changed his life | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

KGF actor Yash front-lined the second-anniversary celebrations of Film Companion’s Front Row in Bengaluru. The actor was in conversation with Anupama Chopra amidst a packed house of cinema enthusiasts and fans. The actor shared anecdotes from the sets of the KGF films, his dreams for the Kannada film industry, and what we can expect from him in the coming year.

When asked about the success of Rishab Shetty’s Kantara, Yash said, “I get inspired by my competition with fellow actors. KGF was not to intimidate – the vision of KGF was to inspire. One KGF will not change the industry. For me, it was always about my industry because I always felt we will go out there and fight. I’m the happiest when Kantara works and Rishab is a very deserving actor. I had seen Sarkari it’s a great film. Today if he releases it will have a bigger reach. I will not run away from telling people that KGF changed the game for the industry – I don’t want to be modest about it. My people have built me from scratch and sent me to play this game.

Yash let us in on a mantra that changed his life, “It’s my belief system that changed my life. If you say your goal out loud, people should be scared. Buying a house or a car is not a goal – that’s basic. Set high goals for yourself and if everyone starts thinking like that many things can happen for this country.”

The actor shared his views on stardom, “I work for my stardom. I was already a superstar, it just took time for people to accept it. I want to make films that are crazy, mad and give people and adrenaline rush. My films should be like a rollercoaster ride for my audiences. I would tell them to ‘fasten your seat belt’

“I want that mystery and everything else attached to me. I’m in the job of creating dreams and transporting you to another world. It’s aspirational inspiration. It’s not just about what clothes you wear, it’s about what made you wear it.”

Watch Yash on Film Companion Front Row here:

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