Exciting teaser of ‘Gadad Andhar’ showing underwater world unveiled | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Exciting teaser of ‘Gadad Andhar’ showing underwater world unveiled | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

The relationship between water and human life is inseparable. In the recently released Hollywood movie ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, the underwater world has been shown on the basis of advanced technology. Super natural thriller ‘Gadad Andhar’, which shows that Marathi films are not far behind in this race of technology, will be released on February 3, 2023. The teaser of this film has been launched through social media. The teaser of ‘Gadad Andhar’, which showcases the wonderful and mysterious underwater world, is exciting. This teaser, which arouses curiosity about what exactly will be seen in this film, is getting a lot of response from the netizens and the teaser of ‘Gadad Andhar’ is being shared by the cinephiles.

Elula Future Vision Pvt. Ltd. under the banner of producers Capt. Avadesh Singh and Varsha Singh have produced the film ‘Gadad Andhar’ and director Pradnyesh Ramesh Kadam has directed this film. The teaser of this thriller movie, which is in the news due to its unique title ‘Gadad Andhar’, is also very exciting. The hero-heroine are seen in a boat before jumping into the water, their attempt to reach the dark cave at the bottom of the sea, the magic of the camera capturing the captivating underwater scenes can be seen in the teaser of ‘Gadad Andhar’. This teaser is a glimpse of a truly exciting film. The movie ‘Gadad Andhar’ is going to shed light on a never-seen-before storyline and supernatural universe. The teaser, which creates a confluence of thrill and fear, is attracting the attention of the audience. Director Pradnyesh Kadam said that the movie ‘Gadad Andhar’ is truly a different experience for Marathi fans and said that the teaser of this movie is a true glimpse of the movie. The team of ‘Gadad Andhar’ is very happy to take the fans to a different universe with this movie. The audience will see a ray of light in the darkness of the title ‘Gadad Andhar’ but what aspects of the plot will unfold from it will only be understood after watching the film. Pradnyesh also said that all the actors and technicians have worked hard for this film.

The winner of ‘MTV Splitsvilla X3’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Jai Dudhane, Neha Mahajan, Shubhangi Tambale, Akash Kumbhar and others have played important roles in this film. The film has been written by Pradnyesh Kadam, Laukeek and Chetan Mule, and playback singer and music composer Rohit Raut has successfully performed the responsibility of giving music to the songs in ‘Gadad Andhar’. Pravin Wankhede is the executive producer of this film and Adinath Patkar has arranged the song. Super natural thriller ‘Gadad Andhar’ will release on 3rd February 2023 across Maharashtra.

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