‘Bigg Boss 16’: Ankit Gupta’s fans disappointed with Bigg Boss’ constant taunts | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

‘Bigg Boss 16’: Ankit Gupta’s fans disappointed with Bigg Boss’ constant taunts | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

While we love Bigg Boss’ new avatar this season, Ankit Gupta’s fans feel BB has taken it too far with him. Even Twitter is replete with posts on how Bigg Boss is overdoing it with Ankit

Ankit has definitely had his ups and downs in the reality show “Bigg Boss”, but who hasn’t? The show is all about showing the contestants in their weakest and strongest moments. However, when it comes to performing in the task or keeping the entertainment quotient high in the house, Ankit has outshined all other contestants. So it doesn’t make any sense when Bigg Boss makes sarcastic remarks on him or talks to him in a rude way. This has disturbed not just his fans but even “Bigg Boss 14” contestant Rahul Vaidya. 

Last night, Rahul took to his Twitter account and posted, “Why is big boss so rude and sarcastic with Ankit ??  #BigBoss16”. Soon his tweet was flooded with replies from Ankit’s followers and even others who like his game. Let’s have a look on what a few of them had to say about this:

@THUNDER_4002: Bhai samjhdaar hai or ulta sidha nhi bolta. Agar aise hi bb sid ya asim ya Paras ko bolte ya aapko bolte to ek min main jawab mil jata ankit bas sunta hai.

@theUnsungTweety: Hmmmmm even I don’t like it. He is being used for whitewashing Priyanka.

@PayalRahulkar: Seriously #biasedbiggboss16 is obsessed with Ankit usko bs Ankit ki kmiya dikhti hai baki mandali to kuch bhi nahi krti unko kuch nahi kehta ghatiya bigboss.pta nahi kon hai iss saal bigboss ki awaaz me bohot hi jyadya neech level ki strategy apna rha hai.lagta hai Paise leta hai.

@piyaaaa3: Because biggboss khud mandli ke member h to wo to Ankit aur Priyanka ko hi target krege na. Because bb ko sumbul and nimrit alsi nhi lagte.sirf Ankit hi lagta h.

@varsha80166440: because biggboss is in mandali and supports only mandali.

@01_leena: Obsession and jealousy from the fact that how can someone still remain in peace of mind despite the mocking, continuous taunts. #BB16

@Siya_610: Simple bcoz vo khud mandali ka hissa h…. Sorry bhi to bolte h naa vo mandali ke members ko.

@kashish_v_here: Bigg Boss Ankit se darta hai kyuki wo Bigg Boss ki pol khol deta hai har baar 


@jkmusafir: Agree.he is a calm and composed and playing with dignity. All they want is drama.

@rabina_ayesha: Because Ankit can read the game and predict the results.BB is feeling threatened.

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