ASI Mira to predict future with her exciting new features in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

ASI Mira to predict future with her exciting new features in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Sony SAB’s Maddam sir is a super cop adventure show, the programme keeps its audience hooked by cop adventures, twists and turns and intriguing cases. As the show progresses, it is moving towards an interesting phase where ASI Mira is back in an upgraded version and have some exciting and new features to demonstrate at MPT.

In the story so far, Haseena Malik attempted to get herself fired in order to save the jobs of other MPT members. But tables turn when the MPT members came together and stood in support of Haseena Malik to prove that she is the best at her job. Now that MPT is back to normal it’s time for ASI Mira to join them in an upgraded version. The addition of new features such as the ability to foresee the future in Gamma mode, supersonic speed, the ability to charge while in direct sunlight, and the ability to scan people to determine whether they are guilty or not and if they are lying about their whereabouts, are her newly introduced features. Mira will now be known as Mira G, and she will be seen demonstrating her new features to MPT members. While demonstrating her features, what predictions Mira brings to forefront will leave MPT members in worry.

What will Mira G predict that leaves MPT members stressed?  Pankhuri Awasthy, who plays the role of Mira G says, “I am more than excited to play the role of Mira yet again. This time she will be introduced with exciting features that will help MPT to handle the cases even better. But one of her predictions will create tension in MPT. This version of Mira is fresh, and more adventures and I am absolutely enjoying essaying the character. To know more you will have to keep watching Maddam Sir on Sony SAB.’’

Keep watching Maddam Sir only on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 10.00 PM.

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