Rahul Vaidya on Sumbul Touqeer Khan: Bahut Pyaari Hai! | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Rahul Vaidya on Sumbul Touqeer Khan: Bahut Pyaari Hai! | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Singer Rahul Vaidya created waves during his stint on Bigg Boss, to the extent that a lot of people also expected him to win the show. So when such an expert talks about actress Sumbul Touqeer Khan’s performance, we know there is credibility to it. 

Recently, Rahul tweeted, “Sumbul is such a nice girl when she is natural! Bohot pyaari hai.. just hope she remains like this and doesn’t act when there’s a situation in the future.” 

Meanwhile, Sumbul has been winning hearts in the Bigg Boss house. She is one of captains of the house for this week and has been making sure to get all the house duties in order. Besides this, she is making sure that there is peace maintained at home. Sumbul has also been actively playing the game now. Be it standing up for herself, or making sure to say her point whenever she can, Sumbul makes sure that she is heard well at home. Filmmaker Sajid Khan has become a close friend and is often seed guiding Sumbul. We love the equation she shares with the so called ‘mandli’ in the house. But the fact that she still playing the game independently sets her apart!

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