Hoopr Originals releases a new song “Mera Chanda” by Rishi Pathak | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Hoopr Originals releases a new song “Mera Chanda” by Rishi Pathak | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Mumbai-based Hoopr has released a new song titled, ‘Mere Chanda’ written by singer-songwriter Rishi Pathak. This release is yet another in a line of original songs that Hoopr has put out since commencing commercial operations earlier this year.

Rishi Pathak is a singer and songwriter who also wrote Ankur Warikoo’s ‘Do Epic Shit Anthem’ which received 2 million views on YouTube. Talking about the release of his latest song, a highly joyous Pathak said, “Mere Chanda is a song very close to my heart, which I wrote when I was going through a major breakup.  The song talks about the fear a person has, when he sees that his relationship is going to end and he’s going to lose the person he loves the most. He knows that the person he has loved the most is going to abandon him. He sings to express his fear to his beloved, whom he metaphorically calls ‘Chanda.’ The song’s lyrics and the overall mood captured by the combination of lyrics and music carries an emotion that is universal. I feel everyone will relate to it and feel the love and fear one has for another person and how that drives you emotionally.”

The song, ‘Mere Chanda’ is yet another original composition Hoopr has released this year. Mumbai-based ‘Hoopr’ is a music licensing platform that not only offers thousands of songs, SFX, and scores to its customers, but is also actively working towards promoting up-and-coming artistes. A big part of this is releasing original compositions written and sung by a wide variety of singers and songwriters from all over India.

Music Video: bit.ly/3Bx3OkM

Track on Hoopr: bit.ly/3G0q61j

Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder, Hoopr, said, “Hoopr Originals is that platform, which will help new artistes who are creating tracks for Hoopr get exposure in the industry. Rishi is a great singer and songwriter, and ‘Mera Chanda’ truly showcases his talent.”

“Over the past few years, we have collaborated with many prominent celebrities through Hoopr and Songfest, including Shaan, Divya Kumar, Ash King, Monali Thakur, Mame Khan, and Shamali Kholgade, as well as a number of significant influencers. However, over the past eight to nine months as we have built Hoopr, we have observed an unbelievable depth and diversity in terms of new songwriters, composers, music producers, and musicians throughout India. We are now pleased that outstanding talents such as Rishi Pathak will have a way of showcasing their great work thanks to the Hoopr platform,” added Gaurav.

Many of the artists do not necessarily come from traditional backgrounds as far as the performing arts are concerned. Rishi for instance was pursuing his engineering degree and completed his diploma in mechanical engineering in Nagpur, but his ultimate goal was to become a singer songwriter. Another artist, Abhinav Singh, whose song ‘Kyun Mai Kahoon’ was released earlier, works as the Director of Strategy at a prominent start-up that just received its Series C funding. However, the underlying trait with all the artistes that Hoopr has worked with and who the company will work with is an incredible passion for music. Take for example – Rishi Pathak’s journey itself. He never had formal training in music before 2017 until he enrolled himself at A R Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, and wrote his first released song, ‘Chal diye’ for his grandfather after his demise.

Apart from promoting and releasing original music, the Hoopr as a platform is also helping artistes on the financial front.  The artistes at Hoopr Originals are also given a chance to unlock revenue through sync. Original songs such as ‘Mera Chanda’ on Hoopr will be accessible for users to licence and use in their videos, vlogs, and other content. In addition to helping the spread of music of the artistes globally, the platform will also help new artistes get discovered.

Hoopr is a music licensing platform that is providing artistes like Rishi to receive more exposure. The music available on the platform can be used across a wide variety of content, – videos and vlogs by individual creators, professional ads, TV series, movies, live game streaming, etc. The Mumbai-based company provides music that has all the appropriate licenses so anyone who uses it doesn’t have to worry about royalties, copyright issues, etc. Crucially, this means that using music from Hoopr helps users avoid takedowns and lawsuits. Subscribers to Hoopr can access 25,000 music tracks and 3,000 sound effects from artistes all over India. The music on Hoopr is also completely exclusive to the platform.

It is noteworthy to mention that many of the films that recently won awards at the India Film Project have used songs from Hoopr. The artistes of these songs got their due credit and recognition, which might not have happened if they weren’t on the platform. Some of its users include content creators such as Ashish Vidyarthi and Tanya Khanijow, along with brands such as New Jagran Media.

Gaurav Dagaonkar, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, and Meghna Mittal, formerly of Hubilo and Yessworks, launched the company in 2021, which raised $1.5 million in its seed round in December 2021.

Hoopr has seen over 45,000 users signing up on the platform since its launch to the public in July 2022 and these users include content creators, filmmakers, enterprises, and brands across India.

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