From Bhuvan Bam to Vasant Gawde – here’s all that went on behind the scenes | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

From Bhuvan Bam to Vasant Gawde – here’s all that went on behind the scenes | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

A roller coaster of emotions, comedy, romance, action and drama, Hotstar Specials’ Taaza Khabar is an all-in-one package. Marking the debut OTT debut of social media sensation Bhuvan Bam, the series is a modern-day tale that dismantles the boon and banes of miracles. Produced by Rohit Raj & Bhuvan Bam under the banner BB Ki Vines productions, directed by Himank Gaur and written by the duo Hussain & Abbas Dalal, the series will release exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar on 6th January, 2023.

With Bhuvan Bam in the frame, you know authenticity and laughter is guaranteed! As he makes his debut in the OTT space as Vasant Gawde aka Vasya who is maneuvering his way through life, the YouTube sensation opens up about what it took to prep for a show of this scale and get into the skin of a character he’s never played before.

Opening up about his preparations, Bhuvan Bam said, “For Vasya, I had to know how he feels and reacts under different situations. In the show, Vasya goes through a lot of emotions: misery, greed, power, selfishness. It was a difficult shoot because on some days, I had to play Vasya and Vardaan simultaneously. Vasant Gawde is a Maharashtrian boy who sits in a public convenience. I thought that he must be dealing with so many customers on a daily basis who speak different languages. So, he didn’t have a particular accent but being a Maharashtrian boy myself helped!”

The show also sees him doing some action…something we’re excited to see.

“Apart from doing some basic exercise, I had no other option than to let them beat me up! Script just wanted me to scream in pain!”, added Bhuvan.

~ Taaza Khabar will be the first addition to the Hotstar Specials library in 2023, kicking off an exciting year for the platform ~

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