‘Bigg Boss 16’: Ankit Gupta proves his loyalty, chooses Abdu’s captaincy | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

‘Bigg Boss 16’: Ankit Gupta proves his loyalty, chooses Abdu’s captaincy | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Ankit Gupta has slowly proved himself as one of the strongest contestants of the “Bigg Boss” house. And while he is focusing on the game without playing it dirty, he is not just being honest with himself but with the other inmates too. 

In the Thursday episode of the reality show, “Bigg Boss” announced a task where there were two teams and the contestants were asked to make BB Gold by pasting the BB sticker onto the gold biscuits. The team with more biscuits at the end of the round was supposed to get a chance to send one contestant to the magical library in the activity room. Ankit was in the white team with Sumbul Touqeer, Soundarya Sharma, Sajid Khan, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik. Their team won two rounds, and in the first chance Sajid went inside the magical library while Ankit got the opportunity in the second chance. 

Sajid had sent Ankit inside after taking a promise from him that he will choose captaincy of his teammates over everything else. He even told his teammates that they will soon get to see whether Ankit is a man of his words or not. In the magical library, Bigg Boss told Ankit that he can either choose letters from his family, hear what fans have to say about him or choose Abdu’s captaincy. Without a second thought Ankit chose Abdu’s captaincy, and we know that it must have been a difficult choice to make. 

After spending so many days locked inside the BB house, anyone would want to hear from their family, but he gave up this golden opportunity and proved that he sticks to his words and will always be loyal to his team no matter how lucrative the offer is. 

We cannot be more proud of him. Every new day shows a new side of Ankit, a good side, and we fall for him more. Let’s see what he does in the coming days.

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