Spectacular response of the audience to ‘Athang’ | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

 Spectacular response of the audience to ‘Athang’ | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

All the episodes of the web series ‘Athang’ directed by Jayant Pawar have been now released on Planet Marathi OTT and ‘Athang’ is getting a stormy response from the audience. The end of each episode of this multi-starrer web series is at a turning point where the curiosity of the audience to know what will happen in the next episode is intensifying. So many have binge watched ‘Athang’. All this success goes to the entire team of ‘Athang’. Basically everyone associated with ‘Athang’, be it on screen or behind the screen, has put in honest hard work. We already know the hard work of producer Tejaswini Pandit. Being a periodic series each character has undergone physical and mental changes in themselves. One of them is courage. Darithi has worked hard to portray Raosaheb. The fitness conscious Datish used to exercise twice a day for two hours for ‘Rau’. That’s three months in a row.

The physical and mental transformation for ‘Rau’ is shared with courage. He says, “Tejaswini is a very good friend of mine, but she auditioned me properly for the role of ‘Raosaheb’.” She liked my performance but physical changes were required. Because the directors did not want ‘Raosaheb’ with a skinny body. Finally with the help of Nilesh More I made many physical changes in myself. During this time, I also started working on another project. His shift was seven to seven. So I used to exercise for two hours before seven and two hours after seven in the morning. The mental change is that Rau is reticent and I am very talkative. Any reaction comes quickly to my face, where Rau doesn’t show his facial expression at all. Basically my eyes are very flaky and raucous fixed. So it was a bit challenging but also overcome. I got the support of the entire team while doing all this.

Akshay Bardapurkar, Founder, Head of Planet Marathi says, “This is the first webseries on Planet Marathi OTT to get such a huge response. We are delighted that the audience is loving ‘Athang’. We knew that the subject, the content is good, we were sure that the audience would also like it. Still somewhere in the mind there is a curiosity to know the reaction of the audience, how the audience will accept ‘Athang’. Looking at the current picture, ‘Athang’ is expanding more and more.

Produced by Planet Marathi, Creative Vibe Productions, Akshay Bardapurkar presents ‘Athang’ produced by Tejaswini Pandit, Santosh Kher. The web series stars Sandeep Khare, Nivedita Joshi-Saraf, Darish Gholap, Bhagyashree Milind, Urmila Kothare, Rituja Bagwe, Deepak Kadam, Omprakash Shinde, Ketaki Narayan, Shashank Shende, Yogini Chowk and Rasika Vakharkar in lead roles.

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