Priya Malik considers herself a poet first, but enjoys acting too: I’m also venturing into lyric writing, my first song will be out soon | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Priya Malik considers herself a poet first, but enjoys acting too: I’m also venturing into lyric writing, my first song will be out soon | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Priya Malik is in the news for her engagement with Delhi based tech entrepreneur Karan Bakshi. The teacher, poet, actor and host came into the limelight after her participation in Bigg Boss 9. But not many of us know about her background. She talks about her career, marriage plans in this story. Priya starts by talking about her education.

“By educational qualification, I am a teacher. I have taught English in a high school in Australia for a couple of years. I have always been a stage performer. I started doing public speaking in terms of elocutions and debates when I was around 7-8 years old. I was very academic and have got 4 degrees. A post-grad in applied linguistics from Dehradun, English honours and masters in teaching and masters in research in Australia, which was half way through the PHD when I realised that I just want to come back to India,” said the Dehradun born Priya.

Being a performer, she has always been inclined towards theatre and drama. Acting, therefore came to her naturally.

“When I first arrived in Mumbai after Bigg Boss, I did some non-fiction assignments. I did a bit of TV with Star Plus. Then I joined Paritosh Painter’s Ideas Entertainment which was doing a play called Selfie and I bagged the role of one of the main characters there. Then I started picking up roles here and there but acting is not my main gig, it’s always writing and poetry. Now I am getting into lyrics and one of my song is coming out for a series on Zee 5 and there are others lined up,” she shares.

Priya did her first few shows with ABP News. She was a part of Cricket Camera Action and also anchored Gangster Ki Girlfriend. “Then I did a number of television presentations, a cameo in Nazar and was also a part in Rashmi Sharma’s Savitri Devi. I also did ads for Nestle, Imperial Blue etc,” she adds.

Soon, Priya started doing poetry professionally, she said, “I started doing it in Australia first. After coming back to India in 2017, I did it as a side thing and I never thought it would become my main thing. I have done a film named Sheer Qorma alongside Shabana Azmi Ji, Swara Bhaskar and Divya Dutta. I have also done a Netflix show called Ye Kaali Kaali Aakhein,” she says.

So what prompted you to do Bigg Boss 9? “I did it because I did Big Brother Australia.  I was the first Indian citizen and was one of the top 4 contestants. Later, I was invited to Big Boss India. I’ve always liked the show because of the physiological aspect of it. There is a lot of human psychology involved and it is a very interesting reality show to watch. I am missing watching it right now due to the wedding festivities but I am going to catch up soon. Salman Khan has always been very supportive. I owe a lot to the show,” she shares.

Priya considers herself to be a poet first. “Naturally, I am selective about my acting projects but I do enjoy it too. In future I am looking forward to lyrics writing, developing film scripts,” she says.

Talking about her marriage and choosing Delhi over Mumbai, she reveals her love for the capital. “I love the people here and its culture. Also my sasural is in Delhi and it was the first big city I had moved into when I was a child. The majority of my poetry audience are in Delhi. I had a major of my sold out shows in Delhi,” smiles Priya, whose fiancé Karan is also the content head of an international crypto exchange and is into corporate content, post production.

Priya has now turned an author and her first book “Ishq Ke Saat Padaav” is with a National Award winning publishing house Vaani Prakashan. It will hit the shelves in February 2023.

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