The Teaser of the movie ‘Sur Lagu De’…Unveiled | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

The Teaser of the movie ‘Sur Lagu De’…Unveiled | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

The film ‘Sur Lagu De’, which commemorates the late actor Vikram Gokhale, will soon be screened for the audience. The film ‘Sur Lagu De’, which is going to release soon after Vikram Gokhale’s demise, is going to be a true tribute to the veteran actor. The teaser of this film has been released recently with much excitement. This teaser shows the first glimpse of the film and is being liked by the fans as well as the veterans of the film industry. Within a short time, this teaser has received thousands of likes, along with Vikram Gokhale’s fans, other fans are also sharing the teaser of ‘Sur Lagu De’ with great love on social media.

The teaser of the Marathi film ‘Sur Lagu De’ was launched with great excitement at the famous studio in Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, raising the slogan of women empowerment. The entire team of the film along with the producer, director, actors were present on this occasion. Producers Abhishek ‘King’ Kumar and Nitin Upadhyaya have produced the film ‘Sur Lagu De’ under the banner of Oddball Motion Pictures. Pickle Entertainment’s Sameer Dixit and Rishikesh Bhirangi have undertaken the monumental task of taking the film on a different level through distribution. This movie is directed by Pravin Vijaya Eknath Birje. The teaser of ‘Sur Lagu De’ does not only give an introduction to this film, but it also increases the excitement about the duo of the main leads of this film. The teaser is being widely appreciated as it creates curiosity about what exactly the director wants to say in this film. The teaser suggests that the juxtaposition of two veterans, National Award-winning actor Vikram Gokhale in the lead role and actress Suhasini Mulye, who plays his counterpart, will be seen. The teaser also has a glimpse of the character played by actress Reena Madhukar, who is popular in Marathi films as well as serials. Meghna Naidu of ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman…’ fame will be seen as a surprise package in the film. The film ‘Sur Lagu De’ is written by Ashish Dev and the music is composed by Pankaj Padghan.

Expressing her feelings through the video at the teaser launch, Suhasini Mulye said that ‘Sur Lagu De’ is a sweet story of relationships. Unfortunately, this will be the last movie of a great and much loved actor Vikram Gokhale. Vikramji called me before the last schedule of this film started. He said that I don’t want to leave any of my work halfway. Even in that delicate situation, he worked for 14-14 hours and completed the shooting of ‘Sur Lagu De’. I think the audience should not watch this film only for Vikramji. This movie is a must watch for its sweet-great work as well as a very good story. Meghna Naidu expressed the feeling that the film ‘Sur Lagu De’ will serve to convey an important message to the audience. Meghna said that Marathi films are winning in film festivals as well as award ceremonies today. The movie ‘Sur Lagu De’ is also of the similar kind and reflects the happenings in the society. How a person struggles even in his life and also works as an inspiration for others, has been portrayed realistically in ‘Sur Lagu De’. Reena said that the film ‘Sur Lagu De’ has a true essence of life and said that this film is different. On this occasion, I got an opportunity to learn important things from great actors like Vikram Gokhale and Suhasini Mulye. Reena also expressed confidence that the screenplay of the film is good, and through the creative direction of director Pravin Birje, the audience will enjoy watching it and take the message with them.

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