Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir heads towards an exciting twist with the entry of Srishti Maheshwari as Afsana | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir heads towards an exciting twist with the entry of Srishti Maheshwari as Afsana | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Jyothi Venkatesh 

With its value-driven storyline, Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir has touched the hearts of millions and has become the viewer’s favorite for its thought-provoking insights and the principle of ‘policing with heart.’ The upcoming episodes will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats as a massive twist awaits that will change SHO Haseena Malik (Gulki Joshi) and her team’s lives at Mahila Police Thana forever.

Srishti Maheshwari is set to enter the show as Afsana, a writer by profession and writing a book on the great thanas in Uttar Pradesh. She is assigned to MPT, and DSP has instructed Haseena and Karishma (Yukti Kapoor) to be cooperative, helpful and empower her with all the information required to write a good story. Karishma and Haseena are worried about the new trouble that’s knocking on their door and are shocked to see Afsana entering the Mahila Police Thana.

Srishti Maheshwari, portraying the character of Afsana, said, “I like experimenting with different characters and roles and I think getting an opportunity to portray an interesting character in a show like Maddam Sir feels like a blessing. My entry to the show will bring exciting twists and turns that will change how people look at Haseena. The upcoming track will make the viewers question Haseena’s integrity. However, at the same time will also question Haseena’s real intentions behind this. I can assure you that it’s going to be an exciting ride ahead, and you will love Afsana to the core. So, stay tuned and don’t forget to watch Maddam Sir.”

Stay tuned to Maddam Sir on Sony SAB every Monday to Saturday at 10 PM

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