Come, experience the magic of WICCA, with the first book on its rituals and spells by an Indianpractitioner | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Come, experience the magic of WICCA, with the first book on its rituals and spells by an Indianpractitioner | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

New Delhi, December 13, 2022: Rashme’s book makes compelling reading. In her writing, Rashme displays a deep knowledge of the psyche of Wicca, of healing witchcraft and of the exotic practice of spells and magical wizardry. The reader is led through a bewildering maze of incense-filled prose which will assail your senses as though you are physically by her altar…’ – Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament

Om Books International is proud to announce the publication of Wicca: A Magical Journey with Spells and Rituals.

An easy self-help manual for working spells to improve your life circumstances, the book provides a succinct introduction to the subject, while also creating an awareness about the world of the Wiccan. It will help dispel the myth of a witch being ‘evil’ and make people realize that the modern-day witch is engaged in working for the highest good.

Author Rashme Oberoi says: ‘I have structured it as a handbook and guide to Wicca and Wiccan practices, drawing on my experiences. Unlike most international books which provide complicated spells, I have used simple tips on how to improve your finances, relationships, remove obstacles and heal yourself through re- energising and cleansing your chakras and auras.’

Ajay Mago, publisher at Om Books International, says, ‘I love the way Rashme has demystified the world of Wicca in simple, layman’s terms. She makes it accessible. Above all, she speaks of the healing power of the practice. We already have a number of international publishers seeking translation rights for it. We have a bestseller in our hands.’ Adds the Editor-in-chief of Om Books International, Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, ‘The book has been an eye opener for someone like me who had no idea of Wicca. Rashme’s book introduced me to a fascinating world. I am sure many readers will echo my thoughts.’

‘The book is not just an eye-opener and an informative guide; it is also a gripping story of a Wiccan. [The book] will captivate your mind and soul!’ — Shekhar Gupta, editor-in-chief, The Print

‘Rashme’s book makes a very interesting read while being educational. She has candidly revealed the secrets of the Wiccan tradition.’ — Nafisa Ali, actor, politician, social activist

‘A very well-written treatise in which Rashme brings out the healing aspects of Wicca. Definitely a must- read!’ — Sandeep Bamzai, author, CEO and MD, IANS

About the Author:
Rashme began making predictions through tarot cards for clients roughly three decades ago when tarot was not known as an art of divination in India. Along the way, she learnt the Wiccan way of life, which is practising positive spells for manifesting wishes and desires for herself and her clients ranging from health, relationship to financial issues. She formally studied the religion and the craft that is Wicca. She practices Shamanic, Pranic, Crystal and Chakra healings.

Today, Rashme is an accomplished Wiccan, a Healer and a Divinator. Rashme hosted a weekly show on Zee TV on tarot, dream interpretations and crystals for four years. Currently, she is hosting the weekly show for all sun signs on the digital platform of Zee TV.

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