Final Episode of ‘Athang’ webseries now streaming on Planet Marathi OTT | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

Final Episode of ‘Athang’ webseries now streaming on Planet Marathi OTT | PERFECT WOMAN MAGAZINE

The recently released web series ‘Athang’ directed by Jayant Pawar on Planet Marathi OTT is getting huge response from the audience. In the history of Marathi web series, this has become the first web series that has been viewed the most on the first day. There are many secrets hidden in this mysterious castle and they are coming out one by one. Now this web series has reached a point where the curiosity of the audience has reached its peak. Now a love song from this web series has come to the audience. The lyrics of this melodious song are ‘Khulte Ithe Kali’ and this song is sung by Sharyu Date and Rohit Raut. The song has lyrics by Guru Thakur and music by Rohit Raut. The song shows the slow unfolding of Rau and Sushila’s love. Rau’s eyes, who do not look at the woman’s eyes, are now showing love, so to know what will happen in the castle now, you have to watch the web series ‘Athang’. Audiences can watch this webseries on Planet Marathi OTT.

In the previous episode, viewers saw the bud of love blossoming between Rau and Sushila and the two coming closer to each other. What will be the consequences of this, will Rau have to bear the fruits of the sins of his ancestors, will Sardeshmukh’s palace be cursed? The answers to all these questions are hidden in the following episodes and to know this one has to watch the web series ‘Athang’ on Planet Marathi OTT.

Director Jayant Pawar says, “I am happy to see that the web series Athang is becoming popular with the audience. This is the first time that such an experiment has been done on Planet Marathi OTT. It seems to be successful. The six-episode web series is increasing the interest of the audience moment by moment. The episodes are eagerly awaited.This shows that the audience likes ‘Athang’.

Akshay Bardapurkar, CEO, Founder, Planet Marathi says, “The last two episodes of the web series Athang have been released on Planet Marathi OTT. The earlier episodes were loved by the audience. We always try to give something innovative to the audience. Showing periodicals is a tough task, but The entire team of ‘Athang’ took up this challenge and succeeded.”

The web series ‘Athang’ stars Sandeep Khare, Nivedita Joshi – Saraf, Darish Gholap, Bhagyashree Milind, Urmila Kothare, Rituja Bagwe, Deepak Kadam, Omprakash Shinde, Ketaki Narayan, Shashank Shende, Yogini Chowk and Rasika Vakharkar in lead roles. Produced by Planet Marathi, Creative Vibe Productions, ‘Athang’ presented by Akshay Bardapurkar is produced by Tejaswini Pandit, Santosh Kher.

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