Tejaswini Pandit becomes a ‘body double’

Tejaswini Pandit becomes a ‘body double’

Body doubles are often used by actors for adventure scenes or for some reason. A similar body double has been used in ‘Athang’ directed by Jayant Pawar. But this time the situation was a little different. This time a superstar actress has become the body double of another actress and this actress is Tejaswini Pandit. In ‘Athang’, Tejaswini has acted as body double for Ketaki Narayan. Tejaswini is the producer of this web series which was released on Planet Marathi OTT. Although Tejaswini did not appear on the screen, but behind the screen, she has played many roles. Some of the scenes in this web series have also benefited from her voice.

Tejaswini Pandit says, “As an artist, you don’t have much responsibility. Shooting, dubbing, your work is done. But being a producer comes with many responsibilities. I was involved in the process of writing Shri Ganesha on paper and enjoyed it. Many people asked me why you didn’t do a role in it, but as a producer I wanted to do hundred percent justice to this role and I couldn’t have done it by acting. Basically, although I am not seen on screen, I have played many roles behind the screen. I have also given my voice in some places. So I have worked in various areas.

Produced by Planet Marathi, Creative Vibe Productions, Akshay Bardapurkar presents ‘Athang’ produced by Tejaswini Pandit, Santosh Kher. It stars Sandeep Khare, Nivedita Joshi-Saraf, Darish Gholap, Bhagyashree Milind, Urmila Kothare, Rituja Bagwe, Deepak Kadam, Omprakash Shinde, Ketaki Narayan, Shashank Shende, Yogini Chowk and Rasika Vakharkar in lead roles. ‘Athang’ Planet Marathi is available on OTT.

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