Roma Narsinghani talks about pioneering sustainability with her jewellery brand and a sustainable future ahead

Roma Narsinghani talks about pioneering sustainability with her jewellery brand and a sustainable future ahead

Sustainability is at the peak of its career, excelling not only among beauty brands but all the lifestyle and fashion industry spectrums. The jewellery industry is one of the spectra where sustainability has caught growth. One might think that jewellery sustainability in the jewellery industry is only limited to its packaging. However, there is more depth to this scenario. Roma Narsinghani, a conceptual jewellery label, defies this common notion. 

While discussing her label, Roma Narsinghani explains, “The processes used in crafting the designs are drawn from ancestral, eco-conscious and old-world techniques such as Bidri, Repoussé and chasing. The metal used for curating these delicate yet bold pieces is made of brass and reclaimed brass. It means that the brass is absorbed in other designs. The baubles are intricately handcrafted by local artisans to support them; the price is higher but the practice is fairer and more sustainable for the community as a whole.

Roma Narsinghani is practically tailoring the future in her way with the label. She believes in empowering them with new training, skills and responsibility that take them to even greater heights. From finding innovative ways of further using and recycling all their scrap materials, choosing digital formats over printed, choosing recycled paper when necessary, to using eco-friendly packaging for the pieces. Their pouches are 100% hemp tags made with plantable seeds. Roma Narsinghani’s approach towards sustainability is a masterstroke in her domain. 


About Roma Narsinghani: Roma started her journey in 2016, assisting her mother-in-law in choreographing various fashion shows. Her leap of faith came when she first went public with her pieces at the Magnetic Fields in Jaipur, and there has been no turning back ever since. She started her own brand where she is dedicated to using the most environmentally friendly materials and processes at every stage of production. They work with architectural designs and structural accents that have served as an eternal muse for Roma herself. This contrast of rawness and fluidity with both structure and flow was inspired by Narsinghani’s innate, long-term love for Indianism, travel, emotions, and spirituality.

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