Stock up your winter wardrobe with these chic finds from Jyo Das 

Stock up your winter wardrobe with these chic finds from Jyo Das 

Leaves have fallen, and as you await the snowflakes to sip on your hot cocoa, why not revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming days of coziness? Embrace yourself in these chic styles by JYO DAS to curate a unique look this winter season.

A White Winter – Add the winter chic with the cold dressing of an all-white ensemble. Detailed with the traditional motifs that are a nostalgic ode to Aladdin, bring in the magic of hope with this embroidered pantsuit. A crisp, dazzling white to-go uber-professional with heels or just as casual with white sneakers is bound to make you stand out with just the basics. A part of the Aladdin Collection by JYO DAS, it is the perfect quirky addition to your neutral color scheme. 

Denim In-Line – What better way to bring a cozy warmth than with denim? A structured fit coupled with the coziness of a sweater makes this restructured shirt yours. Asymmetrical in its silhouette with lapel details that form a cowl neck, it snugs you to the perfect fit while being an entity. With buttoned wrists and a hemline that sits at your hips, it is a versatile shirt that speaks volumes with its layered look. A part of the Denim Collection by JYO DAS, explore the limitless world of denim for a stylish winter wardrobe. 

Quintessential Versatility – Teal hues that are professional for a 9 am meeting and cocktail appropriate for the evening! Inspired by the tulle skirt ruffles and the sleek designs of a modern suit, make this teal dress your go-to classy winter essential. Pair it with an equally artistic belt and heels to complete your ensemble. On chilly days, wear it under a coat to beat the winds. A part of JYO DAS’ Trench Coat Collection, this dress is a must-have when it comes to styling yourself with grace and poise. 

Funky Fun – Why not try a funky jumpsuit this winter? With temperatures not being too harsh, a jumpsuit is apt for styling as a singular statement and a basis for layering. More is more when it comes to JYO DAS’ Jumpsuit line. With funky colors of pastel sky blue and vibrant crimson, feel bold and confident in the motif-detailed comfort, and while you are at it, why not tap into your childhood for a granny embellishment that calls to your inner child?


About JYO DAS: Founded in the year 2017 by Jyoti Das, JYO DAS is a fashion label that elevates the way we perceive fashion to be more than just a garment, all the while creating it through rooted traditions of sustainable handicrafts. With modern silhouettes combined with heritage, JYO DAS aims to always bring something meaningful for the wearer and the artisan. 

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