Saahil Tiger Nandrajog, founder of Tiger Marrón making strides toward sustainable production

Saahil Tiger Nandrajog, founder of Tiger Marrón making strides toward sustainable production

Sustainability, in simpler terms, means co-existing with nature while avoiding any harm, as inflicted by the generations before us. It is a conscious approach to conserving the environment, social well-being, and the economy. Today, the world is investing time and energy towards sustainability, it would be tumultuous to go back to square one. 

Brands have taken center stage by striving to be sustainable. From luxurious brands to homegrown every brand has a role to fill. Tiger Marrón is one such brand that has taken a stride in the sustainability segment along with providing today’s generation the old-world charm. Tiger Marrón is a bespoke handcrafted leather accessories and home accessories brand that brings a panache to its audience through its intricately designed items. With Tiger Marrón, its founder and CEO, Saahil Tiger Nandrajog is turning pages with a sustainable production approach. 

Today, lab-grown leather or vegan leather is the new approach in the leather industry. But while comparing its sustainability statistics it is quite unfavorable for the environment. Hence, the companies making and selling the goods should be ethical with their labor force, they

should have electricity-efficient machines, use water purifiers and ETP plants, and should have a low carbon footprint. The combination of a sustainable supply chain, raw materials, and finished product is what makes a product truly sustainable. With Tiger Marrón, Tiger Nandrajog is carving a mark in the leather industry by carrying out sustainable production of leather. It aims to provide its patrons with old-world charm in a more conscious way. 


About Tiger Marrón: Founded by Saahil Tiger Nandrajog in 2017, Tiger Marrón handcrafts unique and durable leather accessories with intricate detailing and expert artisanship while staying true to its vision of paving a way for ethical luxury products.

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