ourney Of ‘Neeloopher’ A Housewife Turned Makeup Artist From Mauritius.

ourney Of ‘Neeloopher’ A Housewife Turned Makeup Artist From Mauritius.

The life of a woman does come with many challenges and sailing smoothly is a perfect example set by Neeloopher Aucharaj who has been a housewife and is now a well-known make-up artist and a philanthropist. Perfect Woman conveys her experience and goals in this candid interview.

Something About You:
My name is Mrs Neeloopher Aucharaj residing in Amaury, Mauritius. I am married with three sons.

Your Journey so far:
My Journey is from being a Housewife to a professional makeup artist, as I have always been fascinated by colours and being artistic by nature my passion for art is the real bedrock that made it clear for me to choose a profession as a Makeup Artist and became my boss. we also have a shop to ease the hustle of most of my brides.
where you can find bridal outfits, jewellery and other accessories.
My husband and I are founders of an NGO in Mauritius, The Abilities, where we do different types of events to promote new talents like struggling or upcoming designers to showcase their work in fashion shows. We also do a competition yearly at a national level namely Miss/Mr Ability Mauritius. It is a platform for people with disabilities to show their talents.

What do you like most about your profession as a Beauty and Makeup artist?
As a Makeup Artist, I like to play with colours and techniques to create different looks. I do various types of makeup such as Bridal, SFX makeup, casual and Glamorous look.

Challenges in Life and How do you manage work and life?
I have a busy schedule as I have to give time to my family, and my household alongside my businesses and NGO, I thankfully have an amazing family who cooperates and helps a lot in whatever I do. I work on appointments in the makeup lounge and mostly online for my shop. I move to my customer’s location and bring my assistants to help if needed to give a better service.

You say for a woman who wishes to take up the same profession and walk your path.
My message for women who want to work as Makeup Artists is yes, “if there is a will there is a way” follow your dream and be your boss.

Your wish for the perfect woman.
My wish for the perfect woman is to continue your good job and continue to encourage ladies like us to move forward in life.

Your message for readers.
My message to the reader is If I could, you can too. Focus on yourself and do what you have to do, and you will succeed.

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