Marathi film Thaat Kana selected for the 15th Jaipur International film festival 

Marathi film Thaat Kana selected for the 15th Jaipur International film festival 

Nowadays many film festivals are organized in Maharashtra and in the country as well. These festivals provide information about what kind of films are being produced at the global level and what kind of films are being made there. Regional films in India have consistently highlighted the distinct importance of self. Jaipur International Film Festival is always ready to promote these regional films and provide them a platform at the international level. In this year’s 15th ‘Jaipur International Film Festival’ in Torch Campaign (TORCH CAMPAIGN) section, Dr. A Marathi film  Taath Kana’ based on the life work of Premanand Ramani has been selected. The announcement in this regard was made recently by dignitaries in presence one special  was done in the program. ‘Taath Kana ‘ has been produced by Vijay Mudshingikar of Pragya Creations and Karan Rawat of Spring Summer Films.

Expressing his happiness for being selected for this festival, the director of the film Girish Mohite said that I am thankful to the organizers of this festival for creating a platform for Indian films by organizing this kind of festival under Torch Campaign. After the film is released, marketing and promoting it on a ‘Pan India’ level is always a challenge for a single producer, which helps to reach the film through festivals. It was a challenge for us to make a film based on the life of a doctor. Because it was a test for us to show what is. We did a lot of research for this film. ‘It’s not just a doctor’s story, it’s a story of every man and his humanity that inspires everyone. Girish Mohite said at this time that a man does so much work quickly without any expectations that it is something to learn from this film.

Greatness of people is proved by their achievements. Dr. Producer Vijay Mudshingikar said that the film ‘Taath Kana  has been produced so that the common people can get to know the successful people that Ramani has proved. Dr. Sevavrat who values patient’s happiness more than money. Rarely. He thanked the organizers for taking notice of the film ‘Taath Kana’ in the festival.

Among the world experts who are very expert in spine surgery, Dr. Named after Premanand Ramani. In the movie, Dr. The role of Ramani is played by actor Umesh Kamat. Dipti Devi, Saili Sanjeev, Ajit Bhure, Shailesh Datar, Suyog Gorhe Sanjeev Zotangia etc. are playing roles in this.

The movie ‘Taath Kana  is written by Srikanth Bojewar. Cinematography is by Krishnakumar Soren and editing is by Nilesh Gawand. The production head is Jitendra Bhosle .  Mahesh Kudalkar has handled the art direction. Music is by Avinash-Vishwajit. 

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