Ammarzo A Conscious & Sustainable Vegan Womenswear Brand

Ammarzo A Conscious & Sustainable Vegan Womenswear Brand

AMMARZO – Brand Profile

Ammarzo Fashion is a company dedicated to sustainable fashion for women. Our goal is to provide the premium quality & design clothing that stands a mark at international level while keeping our prices as close as possible to the affordable segment.

Ammarzo is not just another fashion house for women’s clothing, it has a deep connection towards the power and pride of a girl and thus strongly promotes women empowerment through skill development and education. Since its inception in 2018, about 80% of the workforce at Ammarzo Fashion has been women.

Each member works together, freely interacting with one another in an environment that is devoid of organizational restrictions. AMMARZO was founded with the vision of creating a legacy for daughters and leveraging digital channels and technology to transform the shopping experience. The company, Ammarzo Industries Private Limited was incorporated in 2018 and has its registered office, head office and main manufacturing unit at Mumbai. AMMARZO is the next-generation fashion online retailer for young generation customers. Last few years of continued investment in innovative marketing and merchandising strategies, we have built a powerful platform and brand that we believe is connecting with the young generation of consumers.

Ammarzo has been a loved fashion and apparel brand at all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. and provides a wonderful shopping experience to its customers with its own website We insist you to visit frequently for latest offers, season sale, factory price discounts and promotions.

Chahatt Khanna (CEO/ Founder)

Chahatt Khanna is an entrepreneur & an Indian film actress , also an Animal activist and Single mother of two daughters whose vision is to create a legacy for her daughters which can be carried forward.
Ammarzo was born out of her uncompromising attention to the smallest of details in the fabric which we use and her desire that no one has to compromise on the quality and the fabric of the products. I am sure there are enough women out there who want the best products for themselves and hate having to compromise on the comfort of the products which they use for themselves and their families. Her quest has got her to use the best fabric and designs out there globally, and at Ammarzo, her constant endeavor is to create the same high quality products in India.

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