Pushpa’s home is once again in jeopardy in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa’s home is once again in jeopardy in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is everything a slice-of-life should be and more! It’s a heartwarming narrative of a gutsy and quirky woman, Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), whose strength in the face of adversity is something we all strive to have. Trouble is nothing new to Pushpa, but the upcoming episodes will undoubtedly surprise both her and the viewers, thanks to Bapodra and his greed.

Mansi Raidhan (Aditi Bhagat), Ashwin’s (Naveen Pandita) new boss, stepped into the picture last week, and things have been turbulent ever since. A surprising turn of events will see Bapodra visiting Mansi at Raidhan Villa to break bread on a new plan for redeveloping Bapodra Chawl. Blinded by greed, he doesn’t bother informing the chawl dwellers of plans that may make them homeless and proceeds without their consent. He cannot close the deal as planned because Mansi wants Bapodra to get the signatures of more than 50% of the residents of Bapodra Chawl for the contract to be finalized.

How will Bapodra get the signatures from the clueless residents of his chawl? How will Pushpa react when she realizes her home is yet again compromised?

Karuna Pandey, who plays Pushpa, shares, “A house is a sanctuary where one can be themselves and can’t bear the thought of losing it for someone else’s greed. I am sure, in the show too Pushpa will not go down without a fight, as she has worked hard to get her home. Furthermore, because she runs her business from the house, she risks losing her source of income. When the residents will discover his deception, Bapodra will have no idea what hit him; after all, there is strength in unity no matter who the opponent is.”

Tune in to Pushpa Impossible from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB!

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