National Pollution Control Day: Anu Aggarwal talks about taking small steps to eradicate the issue!

National Pollution Control Day: Anu Aggarwal talks about taking small steps to eradicate the issue!

This National Pollution Control Day, actress Anu Aggarwal talks about how it’s important to take small steps. She says that each and every step contributes to the bigger goal.

“Pollution is a big concern today and greenhouse emission is heating our planet. First, let’s understand why we are forced to live in it each day, and what are the steps we can take to reduce it, to help ourselves and to help the environment,” she says.

She adds, “There are so many different kinds of pollution like air, water, soil, noise, light, thermal etc. But each time we blow the horn of our car we add to the noise pollution. Each tree we cut, for industrialisation, we are equally responsible for plastic pollution.”

We must also not pollute our thoughts, she says. “One of the biggest kinds of pollution is mind pollution. Each harmful, bad aggressive thought, even intolerance we have adds to existing pollution. However, we blame the government for making rules, industries, we need to understand that we are responsible too,” she adds.

Anu, through her foundation, is working in this direction. “I have devised a technique that can calm and soothe our minds as first of all calming is needed. Gratitude for what we have stops us from polluting the environment and thinking of others. My foundation AAF ( Anu Aggarwal Foundation), encourages painters who use plastic waste products to make art. Agricultural activities like use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and burning of husks etc. Therefore, my foundation is also supporting a company that is doing progressive farming without chemicals. Pollution should be taken seriously as apart from affecting our health, it stunts the economic growth of each country. Poor people, who cannot afford to protect themselves from the negative impacts of pollution, end up suffering the most,” she says.

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