National Pollution Control Day: Anjali Phougat says it needs to be a joint effort!

National Pollution Control Day: Anjali Phougat says it needs to be a joint effort!

As we observe National Pollution Control Day, ace designer Anjali Phougat says that a problem like pollution can only combatted if everyone joins hands. Our sole motive now should be to think of steps to get pollution under control, she adds.

“We all need to work together every day to make the world a pollution-free space. Neither our own society, nor the government, by themselves, can eradicate this issue. Everyone needs to come together and be responsible for the situation. They need to act very responsibly because if we don’t include the small things in our everyday life to control pollution, it’s not going to help,” she says.

She adds, “No matter how many rules the government can create to prevent pollution, if we as individuals don’t work collectively then nothing can help. For example, the odd-even scheme that was introduced in Delhi, no one was following those guidelines after sometime. It is a pity to see in which direction our world is going. Global warming is happening and a lot of other worse situations will happen very soon if we don’t take an action collectively. We need to instil those things in our kids as well or the problem isn’t going to be solved.”

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