Gosht Eka Paithanichi (Marathi)

Gosht Eka Paithanichi (Marathi)


Gosht Eka Paithanichi (Marathi) 

Producer-Akshay Bardapurkar

Director-Shantanu Ganesh Rode

Star Cast-Sayali Sanjeev, Suvrat Joshi, Aarav Shetye,Prajakta Hanamghar, Mrunal Kulkarni, Madhura Welamnkar, Jaywant Wadkar, Girija Oak,Mohan Joshi and Milind Gunaji

Genre- Social

Platform of Release- Theatres

Rating- ***

Heartwarmingly Beautiful!

Jyothi Venkatesh

‘Shantanu Rode’s ‘Goshta Eka Paithanichi’ has bagged the Best Marathi Feature Film award at the 68th National Film Awards recently. The title of the film which suggests the beautiful cultural handloom sari with its rich heritage of Maharashtra is surely intriguing as the title of any movie. The Marathi-language film (released in cinemas with English subtitles) revolves around a poor couple that gets into a sort of soup when they inadvertently damage an expensive Paithani silk sari.

Florist Sujeet (Suvrat Joshi) lives with his wife Indrayani (Sayali Sanjeev) and son Shree (Aarav Shetye) in a reasonably modest rented house in a village. Indrayani supplements Sujeet’s income from flower selling by stitching falls to sari hems.  The couple is living in a remote village as they barely manage their daily expenses due to their lukewarm income. Indrayani wishes to have a Paithani (an expensive variety of saree), but she can’t afford one. 

Sujeet’s leg is in a cast after a recent injury – a good enough excuse for the director to put him out of action so that Indrayani can set out alone on a journey of self-discovery, leaving her husband at home with their only son. The journey is necessitated when an expensive sari costing more than a lakh belonging to the family’s local benefactor Smita (Mrinal Kulkarni) gets soiled.

In a strange situation, she has to find an exotic, costly `Paithani` to protect her self-respect and reputation. She leaves no stone unturned. A hand-woven garment of immense value, a Paithani sari can take close to almost a year to be completed. Indrayani sets out to seek three different customers who had bought a paithani sari from the local shop with the objective of asking one of them to part with his or her sari for her at any cost. 

Shantanu Ganesh Rode’s film too takes its own sweet time in stretching out a yarn that ultimately doesn’t have enough meat to justify the 141-minute runtime. The film takes a rather holistic view to drive home the message that humanity ought to be saved at any cost and one should eschew lies in pursuit of life

As far as performances go, Sayali Sanjeev lives her character to the hilt and proves that she can deliver an author backed role, with effortless ease. The best thing about the actress is her expressions. Suvrat Joshi, though handicapped by a role that is not at all author backed shines in his small role and ably supplements Sayali tooth by tooth while Aarav Shetye is simply superb as their eight year old son. Whether it is Mohan Joshi, Mrunal Kulkarni or for that matter Madhura Welankar, Girija Oak, each one of them is outstanding when it comes to their performances

On the whole, the film deserves to be viewed at least once as it is truly a heartwarmingly beautiful film. Three cheers to director Shantanu Ganesh Rode

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