“Blueprint of the Authentic You” by Jasrin Singh, an Author, Coach and Keynote speaker

“Blueprint of the Authentic You” by Jasrin Singh, an Author, Coach and Keynote speaker

Jasrin Singh, an Author, Coach and Keynote speaker. She specializes in assisting people to maximize their potential, setting and achieving inspiring goals, while being purpose driven. She works with both men and women leaders to create a leadership style that fosters excellence, while being nurturing. (Soft Power). She is an entrepreneur, an avid reader and herself underwent a personal transformation a decade ago. When not working, or driving her kids around, she does yoga, writes and reads books that inspire her personally, or help her develop her Coaching skills. 

In a world that is increasingly demanding of the individual to scale up in personal

Performance and skill up in professional competence, how does one make choices in alignment with one’s best interests? Despite living in a world with increasing global

Interconnectedness and technology-enabled outreach, levels of isolation, despair, and despondency are mounting. With weakening familial bonds and a lack of sustaining relationships, many of us are compelled to cope with life-altering situations by ourselves. Happiness is the single most sought-after state we all pursue. We strive, struggle, fight, love, work, marry, have children . . . all in the pursuit of this thing called happiness. Yet, no one can define what true happiness really is. The purpose behind writing this book is to help the reader understand that our primary responsibility is to discover our own unique blueprint, and then make the best use of it. Working in alignment with your own unique and personal blueprint accelerates the arrival of this very intangible thing called true happiness. The ultimate joy comes from serving the world, by expressing our own authentic self, and putting to good use our personal values and strengths. This book provides a framework for understanding yourself, finding personal happiness and maximizing our potential. The structure of the book is divided into two parts:

1. Discovering your authentic self: A unique and authentic self is available to each of us if we have the intention and focused commitment. Self-awareness, the understanding of who and what we are, is fundamental to discovering one’s authentic self. We are living and dynamic systems of body, mind, emotion, and consciousness. At any moment, we can choose to create harmony or chaos both internally and externally. Despite people having similarities, the final expression of each is unique, stunning, beautiful, and meant to bring joy not only to the self but others as well. This discovery of your own authentic self is a journey that reveals our true selves to ourselves, to find bits with the greatest light, and recognize the aspects that display our darkness.

2. Aligning with your authentic self: The blueprint of your authentic self is crucial to the realization and fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities. However, to get there, one needs to seek it in all sincerity, incrementally, and with self-discipline. In this part of the book, Jasrin shares tools and practices that help us anchor firmly into our personal and unique blueprint. The author provides guidance on how we can break limiting boundaries, maximize our potential, discover our purpose, and fulfil our true desires and destiny.

Are you ready to find the blueprint of your authentic self?

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