When I am performing live I am the happiest: Navin Prabhakar

When I am performing live I am the happiest: Navin Prabhakar

Speaking more about that, Prabhakar says, “Usually I give one hour to my live stage show and from this January 2023 I am preparing my own one-man show, “Non-stop Laughter with Navin Prabhakar and the duration will be 2 hours and all in new setups.

It is true that people loved my signature show “Pehchaan Kaun”, but at the same time, they always complimented me by singing the most popular Hindi film songs and gazals, also loving my satire on current socio-political affairs. I really enjoy all the claps, standing ovations, selfies, and autograph requests after every show. It’s so overwhelming. Even after so many years, people shout pehchaan kaun and it gives me immense happiness. “Apni pehchan logo ke dil mein hain”. You always have to be interactive with your beloved audience, so that the connection and involvement make your performance most happening memorable and joyous.” 

It is tough for someone to maintain interest of live shows for so long. So how did you succeed in that?
“Mostly I do film actors,  playback singers, and politicians mimicry which is appreciated globally and that’s most loved by the audiences. Mimicry is something that always has a mass liking but yes you really have to be good at it. When I am performing live I am the happiest.”

Navin who has been performing live stage shows for so long missed it the most during lockdowns. He says, “Of course, I have missed it a lot and it was a long break. But I did not get demotivated. I started watching films, from Hindi to foreign language films. I studied films like a student. As an actor, it was a very fulfilling exercise that helped strengthen your knowledge of films and also your acting craft. It was easy for me to just sit back quietly and spend my time aimlessly, but I chose to be busy and engaged. It was tough for the entertainment industry but I am happy that the bad time has passed and we have moved ahead.”

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