SUNOH STUDIO – A face of sustainability and ageless fashion

SUNOH STUDIO – A face of sustainability and ageless fashion

We are filled with happiness as we introduce you to our home-grown pret-a-porter brand Sunoh Studios. A brand that celebrates sustainability and minimalism. Sunoh Studio has believed in the beauty of simplicity. Sunoh Studio offers a great range of fashionably comfortable outfits to add to your staples. Sunoh’s outfits create a perfect balance with their ageless and classic styles in the blinding glitz and glam of the wedding season. This homegrown label has poured its heart and hard work to bring you a possession you can treasure for years.

Sunoh Studio budded with an ideology of “product over concept” and blossomed into a brand representing sustainability and ageless fashion loved by thousands. 

The brand’s initiative to curate ethnic fashion through the slow process of churning out great designs with love and care for the environment and their team members has brought them where they stand today. Sunoh Studio stands tall on its value from production to purchase.

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“We believe in fostering an inclusive and collaborative culture by celebrating different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs through SUNOH STUDIO and truly connecting with our associates and consumers. Our modern and minimalist approach to design, relatable and inclusive imagery, and authentic connection to culture have resonated with customers for years. We create thoughtfully designed garments with the modern woman and her everyday life in mind.” – Gaurav Digga, Founder Additionally, do let me know if you would like to work on interviews/features on the following:-

  1. Reshaping ethnic fashion through sustainability
  2. Revolutionizing Indo-Western fashion.
  3. Brands that promote conscious and mindful buying
  4. Regality in Sustainability
  5. Conscious Consumption and Buying Pattern
  6. Wardrobe essentials – a guide to maximize the life of a garment
  7. Fashion with an indigenous artisanal touch
  8. Slow fashion brand – changing the outlook of the luxury fashion industry

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